Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November 1st.

Happy November!
I cannot believe that we are here already.  24 days away from my 27th birthday and about the same until Thanksgiving.  This is my favorite time of year!!!

We rang in the month with a trip to Chicago for Mabel's follow up appointment after her surgery.  Last night her g-tube started leaking pretty excessively so I was thankful to be seeing the surgeon today.  She took one look and said that everything looks great.  There's no sign of infection and although the site has stretched and widened some, it should heal fine in about a week.  Until then, we are packing some gauze around it and watching it closely.  I'm thankful that we have a great team around us for Mabel's care.

We had an amazing time trick-or-treating last night.  The kids did great and got so much candy (which daddy & I stole for our long trip today). 

Mabel's doing her usual night cry now so I'll write more later. 
Today I am thankful for candy.  Simple as that.  Candy for a long ride home...

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