Monday, November 7, 2011

phone photo dump.

"OMG!  Grab my phone!  I HAVE to get a picture of this!!!"
The quality of the picture is terrible, out of focus and almost not worth taking.  Except it is.  It is always worth taking when it's a moment you don't want to forget.

Mabel laying backwards in her exersaucer. 
This one is for all of you who need to be reminded that although I post one great picture of her standing in a walker, she is still a very tired little girl who has very little strength.  She's making gains, of course!  But she is still battling a huge war in herself everyday too.
 On our way to another Dr's appointment!
 The following photos probably best describe my love affair with this little girl:)

 This was a late night with just me and Harper.  The other kids were asleep and she was laughing so hard at me making funny noises.  She's getting too big. 
 Woo-Woo wanting to sit up big in her swing!  She is showing a desire to play and interact which is a huge step for her!  I love it every time she does it..
 Early morning with my [blue eyed] Asian beauty in her lovely orange jammies. 
We're folding into the winter months now.  It was dark at 5 pm last night and we had already eaten supper.  It's doing to take some adjustment but I am ready.  I'm ready to tuck myself inside this house and refocus on what matters most.  There are really long, hard days inside of these walls but they have shaped me.  And I long to use them to shape my children, my friendships, and my marriage. 
I am purposing to take advantage of the calm that these months bring.

If you have 'liked' Raising Redheads on facebook, please take a minute and dump a few of your own photos from the week on our page!  We'd love to see what you've been up to in a candid, real-life sort of way.  These photos are unedited and unscripted.  They are the best reflection of our real life and thats why I love them.

Happy Monday.  2 1/2 weeks til Thanksgiving!!!

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Tiffany said...

I don't know how to dump my photos!!! Ha!