Thursday, November 10, 2011


1.  Mabel has slept through the night for 3 nights straight.  I'm proclaiming it with GREAT joy!

2.  I got a treadmill a few months ago and never mentioned it.  It's my saving grace and I'm loving it.

3.  I had to purchase more storage from google for the photos on my blog.  Who has to do that? 
 4.  Homeschooling is going well.  The kids are learning and although we don't learn from the books everyday, we are discussing such important heart issues that it just seems so crucial.
5.  Mabel's G-tube looks great!  It is healing well and although we don't use it a whole lot...just getting her seizure medicines have changed this little girl in big ways!
6.  Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away.  Yikes.
7.  You know your husband is color blind when he mentions that your 'yellow' bathroom has never bothered him.  [the bathroom is lime green. -- for 3 years.]

8.  Last night Harper was throwing a massive fit.  I put my arms out and said, "Give me a kiss."  She got out of Rachel's arms and walked toward me, past me and straight to her Mabel.  Sweetest.

9.  Harper also got her first little hair cut last night.

10.  I have some upcoming topics that I will be blogging about and I'm excited about it! 
--How do teach the kids about Jesus everyday (Casi's request.  Hey Cas!)
--Why I'm sour.
--Things to look for in your new baby that may be red flags to something more.
--Anything else you'd like to see?  Comment here or on our facebook 'Raising Redheads Blog'!
  11.  I'm secretely excited for our first snow.  After that, not so much.

12.  I can't wait for turkey and noodles.

13.  I miss Krystal.  Have I mentioned that she's 23 weeks pregnant with a sweet baby boy who they are naming Jaxon?  Well she is.  And I need to see her...soon.

14.  I've heard that in other states, having mice in your house makes you 'dirty.'  Here in Illinois, where we are surrounded with corn fields--it is quite normal.  Everybody has them.
Daniel caught 4 in one night awhile back and we've seen no trace since. 
Gross, huh?

15.  I have a sore throat.  And sore legs from kickboxing between each mile I ran on the treadmill the last two days.  I can hardly move.  Today is break day.

16.  Gotta go wake my sleep girl up now--Beth will be here for physical therapy any minute.
[she looks beautiful in red jammies:)]


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Of Pandas and Pirates said...

I would love to read about how you're incorporating diet and exercise into your routine now with 3 children. I still haven't started a regime and I think I might be ready to lose some weight.

Also, yay for Mabel sleeping through the night!!!