Thursday, November 17, 2011

some sentences.

Mabel is getting fitted for her AFO's tomorrow.  These are ankle/leg braces that will help give her more stability as she begins to bear weight more.  I'm thankful that we're doing it and am excited that they may possibly be pink! 

 We randomly painted our kitchen over the last couple of days and I got my Christmas decor out as well. 
 It was random and I'm not sure why we do things like this, but we do and I love that about us.  Daniel & I that is.  Speaking of Daniel and I--we're good.  I mean with all the craziness and chaos of our lives we are a really great team.  We fight [probably daily] but this December marks 10 years together and so it seems the fights have become much easier to get past. 

We had a housewarming party for Jeni last night.  Her apartment is so cute and she is doing really well.  She is 23 and just now moved away from home.  It's a big step and I'm really proud of her!  Mabel wore a pony tail at the big event and it made my whole night [and probably my whole life.]  She's pretty cute.
My birthday is next week.  I've been panicked about turning 27 for quite awhile now.  The odd ages always make me feel old.  26 wasn't so bad but this year...yikes.  But then I was reminded that there are many people who don't have the privilege of growing older--and it made me grateful that I am one who does.  These days are precious, indeed.

We are starting our Christmas festivities this weekend with a stocking walk and then Christmas on Vinegar Hill which is basically a huge open market of shops and booths.  We do it every year and I'm so excited to go again! 

We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year.  Daniel and I have never made a turkey so I'm excited to try. 

Mabel got weighed today.  She is up a few ounces but we are still stretching her tummy.  Hopefully we'll see bigger gains soon.  She did, however, grow another half inch in 3 weeks!  She's incredibly long and because her tone is so low, she looks even longer. 
Braden is once again flooding the bathroom as I'm typing.  I've had back cramps for weeks now and I slept on my neck wrong the past 2 nights causing a HUGE cramp in it as well.  I want to exercise but it's cold and I'd rather eat and enjoy the new orange kitchen.  I moved the toy room around and organized so we could put up the Christmas tree this weekend but I'm so tired from doing everything it takes to get ready that I won't be motivated this weekend.

Heidi is annoying.  The laundry needs put away.  Nora keeps layering her clothes awkwardly and Braden is the hulk every day. 
Nothing much is new.  Settling in for a long long winter.


Tiffany said...

I came back, because I realized I somehow missed a few posts. Ummm....our kitchens are almost the identical color!! I love warm tones, and I really love having a warm kitchen. Yay, for Miss Mabel gaining - even a few ounces is a victory! Praying it will soon be pounds. And her little piggy tail is just about the cutest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

We have a new orange kitten too! his name is Duke for Dukes of Hazzard, hubby's fave lol love your way!