Thursday, November 3, 2011

There are many things that I do every day, without fail.  One of them is drink coffee.  The other is eat frosted flakes.  Oh, also I make chocolate milk for the kids--alot. 
So I'm curious...what do you do at least once a day--without fail?
 Here are some photos from the kids' halloween.  They were taken by EMC photography and if you go to their facebook page and 'like' Mabel's photo, she is in the running for a free 8x10 right now!
 She sure is delightful, our little giraffe.  I thought about it all night, how much she really does resemble a baby giraffe.  Just like they are unsteady on their long legs, unable to move and maneuver their bodies, so is she.  Unsteady and uncoordinated.  But beautiful and elegant. 
That's my girl.  A giraffe.

Today we are back to therapy--physical and vision. 
Jeni is moving out!  Don't think I mentioned it but wanted to make a shout out because I AM SO PROUD OF HER! 

I'll be back tonight with a possible VLOG.  stay tuned.


Kristi said...

love Braden's spidey pose!

Amanda said...

Check Facebook. Although I make sure I take "day breaks" from it. It's sad how addicting it can be. ..and now coffee sounds good.