Thursday, December 8, 2011

some sentences.

It's funny, ya know. 
We are in the process of waiting on results for Mabel but in the meantime it sometimes hits me that we are still undiagnosed.  I spend weeks away from google and then randomly, in the late of night and all alone I find myself typing in symptoms and trying to piece together this puzzle of a girl that is so much more than just her delays and medications.  She is altogether lovely.
 I listened to the messages on my phone early this morning and heard one from our developmental therapist out of Easter Seals.  She was here for Mabel's 6 month evaluation a few days ago and she was so pleased to tell us that she has progressed by about a month-2 months in her development according to her standardized tests.  We all know that Mabel is not standard so it makes me laugh.  But it is great news.  Progress is always great news and it always leaves me so hopeful.  This puts our girl at about a 5 month age developmentally, although higher in some areas.  For instance, she suddenly jumped a little ahead in communication as she has started to babble and make noises.  It's quite something.
 We're still plugging away at homeschooling.  We have been far more faithful than ever before.  Nora is doing great with phonics and reading and is especially intrigued with math right now.  She does alot of her reading online on a special program that I purchased last year and then she is allowed to play games when her writing and other activities are finished.  Some days, we are very laid back.  Some days we do a lot more than others.
 She loves crafting and anything scissors and glue.  She is currently taping all sorts of snowflakes on our windows and any of her creations can be found on our fridge.  She is particular about not being bothered by anyone when she is doing her worksheets and she likes perfection.  She's good at almost everything she tries to do.  She's amazing, really.
 Have I introduced you to our Elf on the Shelf, Frufert?  You may have seen him on facebook but please let him have his moment of fame here as well. 
This little guy has brought our kids so much joy in the 12 short days we've had him. 
 He's taken a marshmallow bath (while doing a canon ball into the depths)
 He has given me priceless early morning photos of my kids.  I mean PRICELESS.
 He has been seen riding on Braden's toys and looking ornery.
 ...and making snow flour angels for mommy to clean up.
 He has also given me some of the best ever crying photos of my children.  This specific one was after Frufert painted the kids' noses while they were sleeping so they would look like rudolph.
The boy was scared and didn't like it.
 The girls were stunning and enjoyed every second of it.
Thankfully Daniel has done a great job coming up with all of the ideas for our little buddy.  He is hiding him early in the morning and we wake up having a great time looking for where he may be hiding.  It's fantastic!

All of our shopping is almost done.  I'm waiting for a few things to come in the mail and I need to pick up our layaway from WalMart.  We didn't go overboard and I feel really good about this year. 
What's important is that we are all together, we are all currently healthy and we have so much to be thankful for this year.  In fact, I don't think I've ever felt so blessed in my entire life.
Just look at what the Lord has done!

He is mighty to be praised!!!
The presents under the tree will bring my children joy but the presents that I've received daily from my friends and readers have been amazing.  The gifts that I get 3 times a week by our awesome therapists as they come into our home and love our girl is breathtaking.  The outpouring of love that we have gotten from countless nurses and Dr's throughout this year have been incredible. 
I feel enriched and fulfilled in more ways than I can describe. 
This holiday season has opened up for me a box of 'total happy.'  And that is quite enough for me.

Loving on the Lord and all His mercies today.  Hoping for snow soon. 
Taking my guy to dinner to celebrate his 27th birthday tomorrow.
Looking forward to good food and starbucks.

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Bethany said...

i am loving watching what joy and fun your elf is bring the kids!!