Monday, December 19, 2011

weekend recap.

It has been a good weekend. 
Daniel and I had date night which included dinner, sitting in a hot tub and more shopping.  We're finished finally. 
We had a family Christmas party which was fun and festive. 
Yesterday, I got to sleep til noon thanks to Daniel and my mother in law.  It was amazing and very much needed.  When I woke up, it was time for the kids to nap so we got to watch an entire movie together with only a few interruptions by the boy!  It was amazing.

 We finished the weekend by taking the kids to the festival of lights an hour away. 
[Self:  If you are reading this in 2012--DO NOT DO THIS AGAIN!]

Although the kids enjoyed it when we finally got there, it was alot of yelling, pinching, hitting, screaming on the way.
Nora wore the mask the entire time.  And then she had to pee so luckily we found a port a potty but otherwise we were trying to get her to wear Harper's diaper--which she wouldn't.
Braden talked in his loudest voice yet about every display we passed.
 Harper did the body thrust when we were getting her back into her seat and then did the shrieking cry that is awful.
The light show ended after about 10 minutes and then we had to head back home, but not before Mabel barfed everywhere like the rivers of Babylon. 
 There's nothing on the radio except for Christmas music which is a little bit contrary to the sound of our voices as we are all yelling at one another in van packed with 4 kids and 3 adults. 
Wish we would have had a video camera to capture the Christmas magic but lucky for you--we did not.

I don't know why we insist on doing it every year when we know it's going to be miserable but I suppose it's one of those 'special traditions' that we want our kids to remember.  In the meantime, although it was highly memorable (in all the wrong ways), it wasn't quite magical. 
Our wiener dog, Heidi, that you've all read so much about, went to live with Jeni. 
Jeni's conflicted and doesn't know whether she's now Heidi's mom or her 'Aunt.' 
Oh boy.

We have been driving the kids around town to look at Christmas lights every week for the last couple.  Last week we spotted a 'Santa pig' and all of it's babies in some one's yard.
The van got completely silent (which was hilarious in itself)...
then Braden says, "Awkward mama pig and her babies."

We also passed a yard that included a lighted gnome that resembled Santa. 
Nora was disturbed.
"Um, Santa wears red.  What's he doing wearing green?"
Woke up with a stomach and back ache.  Think I may have a UTI.  Heading to the Dr. this afternoon.  Thanks for your prayers.

Mabel went right to sleep last night with no crying.  Not sure if the massive puke wore her out or if the melatonin is starting to do it's job.  Here's hoping.
Again, thanks for the prayers!!

Happy Monday.

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Jessica Kramasz said...

Isn't it just amazing what a morning of mommy rest can do? What a blessing.