Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today was the Christmas play at church.  This photo was from yesterday [when Nora actually went up on stage.]  Today she did not.  Braden didn't sing loud like I thought he would but he sure wasn't happy that everyone had gotten the song out of rhythm.  He's a man of perfection.
 Last night I danced with Harper on my shoulders to the sound of {really loud} children's Christmas music in the middle of my kitchen with a whole lot of chaos around me.  She laughed and I felt really happy.  Lately, her laughter, her fits, her saying 'May-Me"and her expressions are what seem to make me feel most delighted.  I think it's the newness of it all and the splendor of her great ability to learn.  I took it for granted before with children, but now--to see all she's doing and how hard it truly can be...I am just so blessed to watch her.
 Mabel got a new chair.  It rocks.  {Thanks Pawpy and Eileen!!!} 
It fits on a chair, or we can take it with us to a restaurant to fit on top of a high chair.  Sitting on the floor, however, is not the greatest plan.  We found that out the hard way.  Don't ask.
Thankfully our girl was turned back over with a smile on her face.
 I got redhead kisses in the middle of my kitchen yesterday.
Yesterday was my most favorite day.
Honestly.  We saw Santa.  Nora said, "Thanks for this day mommy!"
The house was clean, the kids were quiet, I got to read, I heard from God, I listened to 'sugarland' Christmas and spent the evening as usual.  But it was my favorite day.  By far.
 The girls can be seen Cheesing.  Snuggling.  Fighting.  Crying. 
I am not sure I can express how thankful I am that Nora has Harper.  She has Mabel, too, of course...but I get to see her play and interact with Harper in a way that is so unique and special.  God truly opened up for us a remarkable blessing when He brought her here!!!
 I can be seen walking my girl in the late hours of the night.  She perches atop my shoulder as she has since day one of her life and she rests there.  I feel her breathe.  She feels my footsteps.  We keep in rhythm with one another and the world is right.  She smells delightful and even though her night screaming is torturous to the natural ear, it is ok with me.
She's all mine.
I read to Mabel yesterday as the big kids were napping and the house was still.  She lay next to me and I read out loud to her the story of Jesus' birth.  I didn't tell anyone else that I did that.
It was a special moment and as she laughed with each word I spoke in a high pitch tone, I looked at her with wonder.  Oh so many things I wonder. 
But I let the wonder fade and I just read.  I'm so thankful I did.

And so it seems that a little bit of madness and a little bit of love make a whole lot of contentment and a smidge of peace.  Astounding, right?

That's it for us.  Where have you been about?

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