Saturday, January 14, 2012


I am so enjoying our Raising Redheads facebook page!  It gives me a whole new way to interact with you and touch base about your lives as well.  I love it. Awhile ago, I was asked to write about some of the people that inspire me.  It humbles me every single time one of you say that you are inspired by what I write here.  It has always been my intention to bring glory to God while telling our story.  At first it was the mundane day to day of raising young children and being a fun, spunky stay at home mom.  Now that our lives have taken a drastic turn from mundane to chaos and sometimes even sadness, I am overly touched my your enthusiasm, encouragement and support.  You have been so faithful and caring.  I want you to know we appreciate and love each of you dearly.  It is always my hope that through this page, someone will walk away with something powerful that God revealed to them, whether it be through my writing or not.   

With all of that being said, here are a few of my favorite bloggers who have inspired me not only in the last year but for many years now.  They are all beautiful, wonderful women and I encourage you to grab a large cup of coffee, get comfy and get lost in their stories.  You are sure to walk away different--guaranteed.

Stephanie Nielson:  The NieNie Dialogues.
 Stephanie is a young mother of 4 children (soon to be 5).  She is Mormon.  She and her husband Christian are madly, passionately in love.  I have read NieNie's blog for many years and loved her joy of life.  
A couple of years ago, Stephanie and her husband were in a private plane crash and she and Christian were both badly burned.  Stephanie's body was burned more than 80% and she was in a coma for many weeks.  Since her recovery she has had many surgeries and has continued to have an incredible outlook on life.
She is amazing.

Kelle Hampton:  Enjoying the Small Things.
I started reading Kelle's blog this year.  I have so related to her in alot of different ways.  She gave birth to her second daughter, Nella, 2 years ago and right away was thrown into a life that she hadn't planned for.  She embraced it right away but not before experiencing agonizing sadness.  Nella was born with Down Syndrome.  Kelle blogs daily about her life with her girls.  She is currently right in the middle of a huge fundraiser for Down Syndrome-trying to raise $200,000 before Nella turns 2 in just a couple weeks.  
You'll enjoy this blog for so many reasons, but most of all, the reality behind it.

Angie Smith:  Bring the Rain.
I started reading Angie's blog long ago, shortly after she buried her 4th daughter, Audrey.  
Angie's husband is part of the award winning Christian band, Selah.  She is an incredible homeschooling mom who loves the Lord and is deeply devoted to her family.  She is an author (both books I have read and adore.)  You can read her journey with baby Audrey and about her trials and triumphs since their lives changed forever by visiting her blog.  She is sure to encourage your walk greatly!

Tiffany Darling:  A Moment Cherished.
The other women I have mentioned are amazing but Tiffany is an in-real-life [online] friend.  We spend time speaking through email and text and she encourages me daily.  Tiffany is a homeschooling mom of 3. Her husband Jim is a pastor.  They are a young family who recently adopted a sweet little boy, Jamesy, from Ethiopia and are in the process of adopting a little girl as well.  Tiffany's life was changed drastically this year in more ways than one.  Not only does Jamesy have a medical condition that is very similar to Mabel's in alot of ways but her oldest babe, Cadi, was recently diagnosed with a rare disorder as well.  
Tiffany is a strong, faithful, sweet spirited woman and dear friend.  
If you're looking for a gentle voice to add to your reading list, please visit Tiffany's blog and follow her journey.  It's bound to be beautiful.

These are just a couple of my favorite blogs.  If you'd like me to, I can absolutely share a handful more.  
As always, thanks for loving me and supporting me in such profound ways.  I'm forever grateful every single day.  Today I woke up feeling pretty sick so your prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Also, if you're in an area of snow like we are-please be careful!  Rache and I both fell hard on the ice yesterday and are feeling it today.  My plan is to stay in, under some blankets with at least one child all day.  Let's see if they'll cooperate with me [doubtful.]
Happy Saturday!


Tiffany said...

Aw Ramee {blush}. You amaze me. I am excited to look at the other women on your list! This is a great idea for a blog post!

Verena said...

That was such a good idea Ramee...and yes, i need more good blogs. I am reading the Nielsen's blog too and i love it.
Here's a link to two blogs i am reading ....