Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I've always had many friends in my life.  I have valued friendships and learned greatly from each of them.  Many times, I have prided myself on the ability to share life with many people, all who are very different and even bring those friends together to build new friendships.  It has been very fulfilling for me to love so many amazing people and to have them love me in return.

Over this past year my idea of many things has changed.  For me, friendship has been redefined by two babies.  I watch them-in all their purity for one another and I have learned how unselfish they are.  I have learned how faithful and true they are.  I have seen just how able they are to carry one another and how they do so out of complete and total love for each other.  They need nothing in return.  They are the perfect example of friendship and love.  

How blessed would we all be to have just one friend so faithful and true--let alone a handful.
I feel incredibly blessed just to watch this friendship in each element and circumstance and see how rapidly and aggressively it blossoms.  Their love for one another is untouched.  Unchanged.  Unaffected.

It's a beautiful reminder of our Lord and the people He has brought into our lives.
I am so thankful for these little girls.

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Verena said...

Awww the pictures are so wonderful Ramee..i've never seen such little girls beeing that big friends...very cute. That will last FOREVER !!