Saturday, January 21, 2012

house happenings.

Did you know that my greatest fear in this journey was being told that 'everything looks essentially normal' with Mabel?  It was.
Since I got the call from the geneticist saying that everything 'looks essentially normal' I have felt a huge peace.  I already faced my greatest fear.  It was awful.  We know it's not true and we will always pursue finding a diagnosis for our girls symptoms but facing that call was a really big part in moving forward for me.  

 Obviously there are moments that are incredibly painful in the realization that we are still very much in this with our girl--and that we will always be.
 She is seizing more frequently, leaving us 'essentially' back at square one.  She is still crying excessively at night.  I feel sad in waves like when we are out shopping and I see clothes that I would love to put her in, but know that her body is too awkward for them.  It's in weird moments but mostly [finally] I feel better.
There is a peace that only God can give [that He has given.]
Our house feels mighty cozy lately.  Painting the kitchen orange was one of the best choices I ever made.  
It's like embracing an autumn breeze every time I enter.  I mean, seriously.
Mornings aren't usually my favorite time of day.  In fact I used to loathe them.  However, on winter mornings the sun shines into our yellow living room just right and I feel awake.  
I mean, really awake.
Simple craft idea:  Buy a Valentines Day gift bag.  Cut it to fit a frame (size of your choice.)  Keep it plain or look through a magazine for a quote or photo that you love to go on top.  Voila!
Speaking of frames:  Duh.
Decorating Idea:  Frame your child's artwork.  It's a masterpiece, right?  The creepy, redheaded strong woman on the left--why that's me, of course.  The bottom photo is Jesus on the cross and the pigtail girl with two sets of eyes and massive lips on the right--that's Aunt Rachel.
I re-decorated our downstairs bathroom with Daniel's guitar items.  I'm not finished yet.  I think that some red is in order which means painting sometime soon.  You know I like a good color change [this is why my hair is yet again a different shade this week.  This is the 3rd time && it's brown.]
(but that's beside the point.)
We watched the movie "Courageous" finally.  It was pretty amazing.  
It lit a fire in my husband that I haven't seen in quite some time.  We all get in funks, don't we?  This year has been especially hard for him but I know that he will bounce back and do even more amazing things for God.  One other time in his life did he experience something like this and it was when he led Jimmy to Jesus.  Jimmy died knowing and serving a living God because Daniel listened to his calling and took the time to speak to him about Heaven.  We all have the capability of doing better and you never know who needs you to...
The kids ask me every day what this sign means.  
I always tell them:
Love.  Love.  Love....Greatly!
Nora and I made 'snowflakes' awhile back and they are still on our windows.  Another easy craft that you can do with your kids.  They look pretty, and are easy.  
My main point in posting this picture, however, is to show you the little amount of snow we have accumulated.  This has been the calmest winter in a very long time.
Ah, yes.  A touch of spring.  Just enough to keep my spirits lifted as I'm doing dishes [7 times a day.]
What's making me happy right now?
Vanilla Latte coffee mate.
A nude shade of lipstick that is simple and chic.
Waking up to the smell of burning wood.
Olive Garden bread sticks.  omg.
American Idol auditions.

What's making you happy right now?


Rachel said...

What's making me happy is not only do I have two sets of eyes, pigtails, and huge lips.. but I also have a HUGE bellybutton.

Tonia said...

Love the color choices in your house! Our old house had an orange kitchen! People thought we were nuts, but everyone LOVED it! Our new house has a yellow family room and I can't get enough of the sun shining in the morning! And I love a little splash of red in EVERY room! *smiles*!