Tuesday, January 10, 2012

If last night was any inclination that today would be my favorite day, the proof is in the pudding  cookie dough.  We played UNO in front of the stove while the aroma of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies lingered.  Although I knew the cookies wouldn't turn out [because they never do]...we still indulged  on the dough and each other's company.
Later in the night, Mabel started her night cry and I was sure that it was going to be a long, sad night all around.  But then I swept her into my arms and rocked her as I sang in the dark of night.  Soon, my baby was asleep in my arms with her mouth wide open and I sighed with great appreciation.  What an awesome gift I have been given and what an awesome God to entrust her to me.

Then, I woke up at 11 am and looked beside me where my husband had placed my coffee from an hour before as he was trying to wake me.  The day was warm and promising.  We dressed the kids and headed out the door to enjoy 60 degrees in January.  I watched Mabel swing in amazement.  She looks bigger than she did a few months ago.  
Daniel jumped with the kids and soon after we took a long walk as Nora rode her bike through town.
  Brother made my day when I looked up and saw mittens on his hands but no socks on his feet.  Makes sense to me.  
 I watched my kids in the freedom of our day and thanked God for the opportunity to homeschool.  I thanked God for the sunsets we've been having and for the upcoming snow we may experience.  Mostly, I thanked God for today.  Simply.  Beautifully. Today.
Sister rocked the sweetest boy cap.  And I adored it.
 Today was my favorite day in a long time.  Such a long, long time. 
 Kids were kids.  I was mommy.  God was God.  And all aligned just right.
Sort of like it did for Nora last night when she gave her brother a wedgie in absolute perfect form.
What a great favorite day.
What a great, great day.
Filing it away in my  heart for safe keeping.


Becky said...

Seriously I almost peed myself when I got to the picture of Nora giving Braden the most picture perfect wedgie! Oh that is just priceles, thanks for sharing!

Verena said...

I am so happy that you had such a wonderful day ...
Nora's picture really cracked me up..lol

~Ariane~ said...

Just as your beautiful day was refreshing, I found this blog refreshing. It definitely warms my heart when God blesses you with days like this where you can just be.
Likewise, Mitch and I kinda had an evening like that last night. Walked the dogs, ate dinner together and spent time together (no TV) such a RARE thing!