Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love Poem.

These are the gifts 
that have been given to me.
Tiny in nature 
but precious, you see.
They hold the key 
to my changing heart.
Building me up
not falling apart.
 Their lives are ignited
by greatness and love.
They are like precious stones
sent from above.
Never for granted
I take these days.
I adore each moment
ever passing in haze.
 They hold so much wonder,
such simple delight.
Looking with questions
I pray I get right.
I beg God for mercy,
plead for His grace.
Lord, please let me teach them
and show them your ways.
 These moments are passing
so quickly, so swift.
I breathe them in deeply;
they are such a gift.
Children with wonder
and smiles so bright
Make my heart heavy
to just get this right.
Raising these children-
whether yours or mine
Is my greatest adventure,
my moment in time.
I pray for each daily,
it is my joy to bear.
I want to grow wisely,
each child with care.
 Look at their eyes,
be patient and know.
They are growing in goodness
some fast; some slow.
But each with a purpose
and each with a plan
Each will know Jesus
I know that will stand.
Beside them each day
and praying all night.
It is by His mercy 
and not by my might.
They will remember 
and thank me someday.
For loving them fiercely 
and guiding their way.


brandy said...

Awe! I love the pictures of all of your littles! I cannot believe how big they have gotten since I first started following your blog! Beautiful poem and beautiful babes :)

Tiffany said...

Aww, Ramee.