Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The many faces of Nora Elaine.

 I have really watched my girl blossom this year.  She has many different faces for all of her little thoughts and emotions and is quite animated.  Let me share with you some of her many faces from this year...

 Happy.  [hugging herself.]
 Her "mad at bubby" face

 "A little bit shy."
 "A lot Shy"

 Smiley face.
 "Fighting with Bubby."
 "Fighting with Uncle Jake..."
 "Smells Harper dirty diaper..." 
  When she gets in trouble...

 Shocked. (again)
 "Thinking hard in school..."

 "When I'm surpised at my birthday party."

 "Fighting with bubby.." (please note the layering of clothes!)

 "Thinking hard in school..."
 Being a model...

 Nora, we just want to tell you how much you bless our lives and this home.  You bring me so much laughter and joy.  You are funny, smart and absolutely beautiful.  
Someday I know that you'll thank me for these photos of you in your dirty tights and house slippers.  
You are my sunshine girl.

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Tiffany said...

Oh, Ramee!! She is such a joy! That comes through chrystal clear in your photos. Enjoy her.