Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our girl turned 18 months old 2 days ago!  I can't believe it.  In a few short months, she will be two.  It seems like I just had her and yet she is growing.  
And it's true--she is actually growing.  She hit the 16 pound mark this week!
 She has perfect, un-used baby feet.  They are soft, and delicate just like a newborn.  I love her feet.  
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 It's a super cold morning here.  The weather has been a bit bi-polar this winter.  In fact, last week I had the kids out for a long walk and jumping on the trampoline one day and we were sledding the very next.  Usually by mid-January I'm itching for spring, but thankfully it hasn't been too bad of a winter so far.  I'm excited for spring-don't get me wrong, but I'm far more cordial with winter than I have been in the past.
 We have been inside alot.  I try hard not to get out if it's unnecessary.  It's a ton of work to get the big kids dressed and ready for anything but besides that, I just worry about Mabel during this flu season.  Germs are not our friend so you will almost always find us in this house.  We have all we need right here and most days I'm ok with that.  

It's strange; Old Ramee was a busy, busy lady.  New Ramee quite likes the solitude of home and pajamas.  It feels nice to have settled into this comfort inside of myself.
 Honestly, as long as I get to look at these [and smell them] a few times an hour, I'm good anywhere.   

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