Friday, January 6, 2012

red red red.

Whoever said that redheads can't wear red...lied.
 Redheads can do whatever they want.  In fact, you can all do whatever you want.  We don't live in a world that should involve such silly rules and regulations on who you are or who you want to be.
Wear red lipstick.  In fact, find the exact right shade by trying on many different ones first.  It's fun.  You're a woman.  Enjoy it!

Wear red nail polish on your fingers AND your toes.  You'll likely feel sexy and energized.  
Or maybe not.  
But either way, your nails will be painted and you'll feel good about that.
When Nora saw the very first photo above, she said "your lipstick is too bright.  that doesn't look good."
That defeats this whole post, Nora.  Thanks babe.

Speaking of other funny things that the kids have said lately:
Just now Nora told me that all the little men in her mouth were having a party and were making it hurt.
Hmmm?  Germs, maybe?

Daniel said to Braden last night at bedtime, "Hey do you know what's cool?"
Braden replied quickly (because he is far too smart) "The fan?"
And he was dead serious.

So today was a Murphy's law kind of day.  Mabel was great.  In fact we have a new bedtime routine that has  resulted in no night cry for the past two nights!  I'm so thrilled and hopeful that this is really going to work for us.  But back to the awful day...

Daniel wakes up at 2 to start getting ready for work and notices that the kitchen sink is completely backed up with food and water from our garbage disposal.  I mean COMPLETELY backed up.  So he decides to stay home and try to handle that situation...

In the meantime, I'm supposed to drive the redheads an hour & a half away for a wedding rehearsal for a wedding that they are both in tomorrow (as is Daniel.)  
The redheads get car sick.
I can't see to drive at night because I have nystagmus and my eyes shake and I can't focus and it's dark and my null point is up so my neck starts to ache and on and on and on.
But I try anyway because we really need to be at the rehearsal.  
I got lost.
Like really, really lost.

...and turned around and came home...
With a pounding headache, a sick kid, and awful cramps.

The sink is not fixed.  Our friend, Jeremy, who just happens to be a plumber is going to do his best to fix it tomorrow.  Here's hoping...

Onward to wedding weekend.  
Photos to come. 
Please--for me--wear red this weekend (and then post it on our raising redheads blog facebook page!)  
I'll do the same♥

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Heather said...

I wish I could find a shade of red lipstick that I could wear. I'm slightly envious, lol. Your skin tone is slightly darker than mine...and my hair is slightly darker than yours, so if I wear red lipstick I look too 'goth' for my style. Us redheads were definitely given an extra challenge in the makeup department. Yay for the red though! I might just have to go and buy a bottle of red nail polish today...