Monday, January 9, 2012

wedding recap.

Our friends, Steve & Abrian, got married this weekend.
Abrian made a beautiful bride and the redheads were both in the wedding, along with daddy.  
 We enjoyed being dressed up together.
 There were moments when I felt like "Good life" by One Republic was serenading our weekend.  When I see all of my children together, I can't help but gasp in amazement.  
 Driving into a town unknown between the wedding and reception with two babies riding dirty in the backseat and my soul sister beside me was by far the calmest ride I have taken in a very long time. 
It gave me time to reflect.  On love.  On being undiagnosed.  On marriage.
And then the sky opened up with a lollipop-like canvas of color and all was right in the world
 My boy looked so handsome.  And as he prayed with his head down across from me, I felt like God was really pulling through for our family.  It is a moment like that, in all of His reassurance, that can change everything for a person.
 Darling, Dainty, Delightful little girls in their innocence and beauty reminded me of all that is spectacular and good about this life.  This world that is not my home but that I am living in... 
What a sight for a mommy's eyes.
 It's been almost 2 weeks since we got the news that was no news and I feel strangely at peace with it all.  The Lord is quickening my heart to the quiet and the calm.  I am settling into this place of stillness and it feels right with my spirit.  
Just as Justin Bieber rang in the New Year singing "Let it Be..."
'And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me.  Shine on til tomorrow.  Let it be!"
"There will be an answer...let it be."
But in moments when I find myself in the middle of a long, hard, deep fight with the man I love who is also Mabel's dad, it is sometimes more difficult.  He screams that he can't change this for me and I fall to the floor in anguish, curled up like a newborn in his arms of love that are oh so forgiving.  And I am once again reminded that this marriage has changed time and time again.  I sat and watched the innocence and hope of new vows and I peeked out of the corner of my eye towards the man I love.  
It was a sweet reminder that although this is not what we had long ago dreamed, it is still our life and it is still wonderful.  The surrender is far greater now but it is equally as worth it. 
We wish Steve and Abrian many years of happiness and hope that the Lord will bless their marriage and make Himself known in all the ways that are important.  
Every day is hard but if you work at it, when you are in the fight of your life you will feel the nudge of that oneness holding strong and battling for you.  We hope to always help guide you and encourage you in your new journey together!  

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