Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Weekends are for wintering.
 Snow ball fighting.
 First times!
 Posing & Cuddling. 
 Playing.  Snow Angels!
 Enjoying.  All things winter!

 Weekends are for hiding away.  Tucking in close & kissing. 
 Weekends are for love.  Playing.  Hot chocolate.  Loud music.  Company.  Sleeping.  
Cold skin.  Hot baths. 

 Weekends are for cooking.  Easy bake and brownies.  
Our first snow delivered and we ate it up!  How did you enjoy the white?


Natalie said...

Ramee, I LOVE your new header picture!! So glad you all enjoyed the snow as much as we did!

Tiffany said...

Lovely. I have been waiting for MORE snow here, a bit warmer temperatures (0 the last few days), and Cadi's platelets to rise, so that we can all go PLAY!!

Tiffany said...

PS I LOVE your header, too!!!