Thursday, January 19, 2012


 I left the house today by myself.  I needed to get out and enjoy the quiet.  Refresh for awhile.  It was lovely. 
 I came home to a quiet house as well.  Kids were having rest time in their rooms and 2 hours later, they still are.  They've been cuddling alot lately.  We caught them snuggling up in our bed late last night and then again this morning on the couch.  Precious.
Speaking of cuddling, when I came home today in the mid-afternoon my girl was wanting me.  Her eyes cried out, "Let's take a bath and lay skin to skin like I'm a newborn again..."
So that's what we did.  And it made my day.  [and hers.]
 There is something magical about our girl's smile.  She has a mouth full of big ol' teeth and her breath, although  it smells like citrus, is exceptionally kissable.  
 I talked to Krystal on the phone today.  She's doing well.  We spoke about contentment and how beautiful of a place it is to dwell there.  I can honestly say that I'm there.  

I'm there in my orange kitchen.  I'm there with lots of little kids running wildly around me.  I'm there singing to my girl in the late of night as I rock her to sleep.  I'm there early in the morning when I'm cuddling my boy.  I'm there when I'm dancing.  When I'm crying.  When I'm questioning.  When I'm sure or unsure.
I'm in contentment with the Lord and therefore, in every area of my life.  It hasn't been easy but today I can say with assurance--I am there.
 It's as if the child in me is screaming out, letting my hair stand on end and jumping as high as I can.  
I am free.  Free.  Free.
Free as these children are teaching me to be.

 Today was like my perfect Sunday, except it's Thursday.  
This boy has never slept anywhere except his own bed with that Bob the Builder blanket.  Tonight, however, he is staying all night with his Aunt Jeni because he's 'a big boy.'  Indeed he is.  Hoping he will really do it...but I'll sure miss his morning cuddles.  I will not miss being woke up before the sun rises just to fetch him chocolate milk.  
It's taken me a couple hours just to type out this post.  
I stopped to cuddle a girl.  Chase the big kids.
Clean our bedroom.  Do some laundry.  Watch a couple minutes of a movie.  
Kiss Daniel.  Take pictures of a mouse [dont ask].

And now, worship music is playing from our dining room and I feel that contentment seeping in.  
Loud, running kids who do not listen is still the most wonderful sight.  It's still the greatest sound.  
I feel so rich right this very moment.  
Happy Sunday, Thursday friends.  
Poll for women of all ages:
Steven Tyler-- Hot or Not?  

Mom and I have our opinions and since there is a 20 year age difference between us, we are curious to see what other women think of this rock legend.  I'll tell you what we think in a couple days.  
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Diane said...

Steve Tyler- NOT :-) Thank you for sharing your life with all of us readers of your blog- your words reach deep-

erica.lyn said...

Steven Tyler---NOT!! for sure!

Reese said...

Umm...Not! Negative. : )

Kalli said...

We were totally having this discussion two days ago. My sister and SIL both under 30 believe HOT. I think NOT NOT NOT.