Sunday, February 12, 2012

6 words.

While reading "O Magazine" last night I saw a few pages that really caught my eye.  A writer asked his readers to describe their life in 6 words.  It is inspiring and intriguing to think that all of us have a short story to tell that defines who we truly are.  Some examples were:

"Fat. Thin. Fat. Thin. Fat. Thin."
"Was hot.  Raised kids. Lost cool."
"I have time to fix this."
"Survived the divorce.  Learned to live."
"I live my best life now."
"Loving heart for sale, like new."
"best move ever?  I married her."

As I was thinking of what I would say to describe my life, I realized that we probably really only need about 6 words.  So, here's a couple of mine:

What would your 6 words be?  Please share.
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Happy Sunday!

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