Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buddy Drive!

This post was taken from Rachel on facebook.  Please consider getting involved and making a huge difference!!!

Hi everyone!I am thrilled to be hosting my first ever BUDDY DRIVE! Ramee Larson and I will be collecting these Scentsy buddies and donating them to a local children's hospital for children who are facing the prospect of surgery, recovering from surgery, or even to siblings who are nervous in the waiting room. Remember when Mabel had her Gtube surgery in October? We would love to be able to give back in any way!

MY GOAL is to have 20 people place orders for these adorable buddies. You can choose any buddy, and any scent pak or your choice! Harper has the lamb :) 

They are 10% off this month, so instead of paying $25.00, they are on sale for $22.50 + tax and shipping. The buddies will be shipped directly to me and then delivered. It will come out to almost $30. Your ONE act, will have lasting IMPACT on these amazing kids.

This drive is ONLY open for a week! Tell EVERYONE you know!! Spread the word! Ask your church, workplace, friends, etc! You could even go in halves with someone :) 

You may pay via check if you are local and make arrangements with myself or Ramee, but the bulk of the drive will take place on my Scentsy website:<

IF you aren't website savvy and would prefer me to place your order for you-NO PROBLEM! Just let me know :)

If you need any help or questions please email me or message me or Ramee!

My goal is 20 people, purchasing 20 buddies, but let's blow that goal out of the water and push for 30, maybe even 50! The more buddies ordered=the more handed out. Thanks so much for your participaton!

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Sammy Schrier said...

Hello - I read Mabel's story through the RARE disease network. I am graduating fellow in genetics and metabolism in Philadelphia, and was curious what testing Mabel has had regarding the possibility of mitochondrial disease?
thank you for sharing the experience of you and your family during what is obviously a difficult journey. Wishing you and beautiful Mabel the best!

Samantha Schrier, MD, FAAP
Philadelphia, PA