Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hi.  And Welcome!
I understand that you may be new here.  Let me start by introducing myself and our family.  
I'm Ramee.  I'm the writer.  I am married to Daniel and we have 3 children.  
We once had a picture perfect life and were extremely satisfied with living it.  
After our 3rd child was born, life took a huge turn and we have since been on an incredible journey.  
To read more about our older children, the redheads, please click their tab above.  They are the heart of this blog, as I started writing so that I would never forget what these chaotic days of raising them were like.  They are extremely challenging and incredibly rewarding.

This is Mabel.
Somewhere in the last 18 months, this blog has become a platform for me to write about my emotions, freeing my mind from some very tormenting thoughts.  It has also become a great place where connections are built and awareness has been raised about rare and undiagnosed disease.  Mabel has allowed me to share her story, and in turn the stories of many of your children--the ones we rarely hear about.  I pray that through the Lord's guiding, I can give them a voice that is incredibly loud and powerful.

Mabel is currently undiagnosed.  Her story is very complex and very intricate.  
Therefore so is our journey.  It's still unraveling in the big picture but in the day to day it is extremely overwhelming and exhausting.  
To read more about Mabel's symptoms, please click her tab above and please feel free to email me with any questions or just to connect!  

Currently 40% of children who have symptoms of a syndrome are undiagnosed.  It is a staggering statistic and  it is very troubling.  Almost a year ago, my friend Rachel, my husband and I put together a not for profit organization, "Mabel's Able," in order to raise awareness and funds for research and other opportunities.  
To read more, please click the tab above and visit Mabel's Able on facebook.

If today is your first time visiting, please kick back and stay awhile.  In the pages of this blog are many intimate moments of joy, sorrow, grief and triumph.  I pray that it blesses you as it has been a journey worth every minute.  Please bookmark our page and like Raising Redheads Blog on facebook as well.

Look forward to getting to know you and thanks for being part of something so special and dear to me.  I pray you're enriched and blessed greatly.