Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How is Homeschooling Going?

 Homeschooling is coming right along.  Our days are less planned out and coordinated than I originally planned but I am ok with that and so is Nora.  She is learning so much!
 We are praying and talking about some options for schooling in the fall-for Nora's 1st grade year.  It's a possibility that she may go to the Christian Academy.  It's a possibility that she may stay home again.  At this point, she has expressed a desire to go to school and Uncle Jake goes to our private school so this would be a good option for us.  We will continue to pray and keep it an open conversation, depending on the Lord's leading to guide our way.
 Of course it is never what I had envisioned-sending my children to school.  wanted desperately to keep them home and teach them myself.  However, it was never my plan to have a sick baby either.  My plans are nothing and His are already aligned.  We are trusting in His will no matter what that means and I am finally ok with that.
 In the meantime, we are working hard on math and still reading like a champ.  Braden is still learning his letters but most of his learning is in the every day things and less on paper.  
I am loving teaching them and they are incredibly smart and gifted.  
God has enormous plans for our little redheads [and their little sister, Mabel too!]
I just pray that they be open to His plans and learn very early to let go of their own.  
It would have saved me so much grief if I could have submitted to this idea much sooner in my own life.  
Mabel's GI appointment went well yesterday.  We are starting her on some meds for her reflux and hoping that this will help eliminate some of her puking.  We will also be having a 'gastric emptying study' done on her to see how quickly or slowly her stomach empties.  Otherwise, things are good.

Except therapy.  Therapy isn't going great.  She's resisting everyone except me.  
It's sad and upsetting.
Thanks for praying...

Happy Tuesday.

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