Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It has been an 'essentially normal' morning in our house today.  
If by normal you mean having the boy wake me up at 6 am saying he's sick.  He carries on for 10 minutes freaking out and then falls back to sleep with the garbage can next to the bed.  All the while, I believe he was sleep talking and walking.  As soon as I get him back to sleep, my mind starts racing and I realize I can't breathe out of my nose.  At all.  
So I get up.  
And then Mabel wakes up.
She continues our normal morning by crying.  Choking.  Puking.  Choking some more.
And then I give her a bath.
I dye my hair [yes, again. 3rd time this week.]
I give myself a bath.
She continues to cry.
All of this by 7:30 am.

It's currently 9:10 and the redheads still aren't awake.  I'm so jealous.
Mabel's still screaming.

Good thing yesterday was a close-to-perfect day around here.
 It was 60 degrees outside and we took advantage of it!

 Mabel and I had a WIC appointment, which is always interesting.  
I won't go into it.
But when we came home a special gift was waiting.  Special thanks to Pawpy and Eileen for buying our girl this new seat.  I always wanted one but knew she couldn't sit in it.
Now she can!

For the last 3 weeks, Tuesday has been pizza night with the girls.  Rache, Katie and sometimes Jeni have been coming over in the evenings and we eat, talk, eat and talk.
I have really started to look forward to our time together each week.

Last night as Rache was leaving I hollered '...night; love you.' as I carried Mabel up the stairs for bed.  Harper yells back, "I love you Mabel."
Shout out to my bestie and shout out to hers.

Crazy is made on days like today.
Welcome, crazy.  I embrace thee.
What choice do I have, right?

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Bethany said...

I am glad you got some sunshine yesterday!! Thinking of you as always!