Tuesday, February 28, 2012

leotard days.

It has been a quiet few days.  Nothing to write about.  Nothing to think about.
Just being in this house.  Being.
Begging for spring.  Begging for exercise.  A Dr. Pepper.  
Begging for an Iphone [and then having it delivered.]
Pleading for a new computer. [and waiting on it to be delivered.]
 Snuggling a sick girl and a non-sick one.
Watching a boy in a leotard jump from couch to couch.

This is what a 7 month old looks like:  [cousin: Colbie.  Born July 4th, remember.] 
 This is what an almost 2 year old looks like.  (Harper.  Birthday approaching.  Blue's Clues party planning.)
 See the difference?  Ah, terrible twos.

My boy is gross.
All out, disgusting and gross.
Tasted his own poop, gross.
Eats his own boogers, gross.
Just flat out disgusting & gross

Thankful for faithful friends who drop in and remain faithful.  They've loved me through each moment of my adult life, sitting in the background of almost every wedding photo.  
They have loved my babies and then my toddlers.
They are good hearted.  
And we're blessed.
Hoping the sunshine will bring inspiration.  Until then, here I sit.  
With a pajama girl and a leotard boy.
Oh the days of my life.

1 comment:

Kalli said...

Z is a total booger eater, too. It's so disgusting...but suddenly thankful for something I hadn't thought to be thankful for before.. he hasn't tasted his poop. LOL