Saturday, February 4, 2012

still breathing.

I'm still here.  I'm still alive.
We're making it.  It's going to be ok.
These are all things I have had to tell myself daily for the past 3 weeks.  
I'm still breathing.  It's not so bad.
It's going to pass.  You're going to be alright.

And I am....
still here.  deeply blessed.  extremely tired, but making it.
And so is Mabel.  

Alot of crying.  Alot of  sadness and frustration.  Alot of pain (literally).
But we're doing ok and we will survive.
Today is our Valentine's Open House.  
It's from 3-6 pm at my house.  
If you'd like to come, please do!  It's open to anyone.
We will have a dessert buffet.
And Scentsy, Thirty-One Bags, and Harper's Halos to choose from.
It's a day to pamper yourself and relax with friends.
If you can't make it but would like to order something from one of the above vendors, please contact me either by facebook message or email (rameelin @ hotmail dot com.)
They would love to have your order as well!
Hope to see you here.

I'll be back with photos tomorrow or Monday.  
Busy week ahead of me.  Appreciate your prayers as always.

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