Monday, February 6, 2012

treat. yourself.

If ever you want to treat yourself, plan a Valentine's Day Open House and invite all of your friends to come.  Indulge yourself with chocolate, cheesecake, cookies and truffles that make you high inside.  Add to it a table full of candles and scents that send signals to your brain that all is right in the world and another table full of bags that can be embroidered for any purpose under the sun.  
It is then that you will feel love and warm and butterflies.  
It is then that, for a moment, all really will be right in the world. 

That's what my weekend consisted of.  A house decorated with reds and pinks and friends who walked through the door wearing the same.  They just kept coming and so did the treats.  We laughed and sat and ate for hours.  Getting ready for the day took me back to a familiar place.  A place of home making and party throwing.  It felt normal.  I love throwing a party of any kind but this one was especially enjoyable.  The house was warm with company and there was a perfect ambiance of lighting due to a number of candles in large hurricanes being lit.  No one else probably noticed those details but it was in them that I felt most proud because it was cozy and soft.
 At the end of the party, everyone gathered in the living room.  We were entertained with crazy big kids and passed a fussy Mabel around to comfort as well.  

If you know me at all, you know that this moment of me smelling toes is so typical it's almost not even worth posting...

 The kids were gone to Nanny's for most of the party but were thrilled to come home and be able to eat our snacks.  Brother didn't know mama was watching...and then he caught my eye.

 Ash set up her Thirty-One products and Rache set up her bows and Scentsy.  
Those parties are both still open if you are wanting to place an order.  Email me and we can set ya up!

 This year I've been really proud of the ways that I've learned to treat myself.  It's been in the little things, of course, but it has come to mean so much to me.  
A magazine and a long bath.
A Dr. Pepper mid morning.
A big cup of coffee late at night.
A new nail polish color.
And most recently, salty && sweet delight!

 These cupcakes were a massive pain to make.  They looked darling and no one ate them.  Thanks guys.
Thanks to Rachelle for brightening my day week with a spring-like bouquet that makes me smile just thinking about them.
 What else makes me smile?  
A little girl who is feeling better and can smile back. 
 A brother who carries on family traditions...
 Morning bites of sweet potatoes.

 And having daddy on vacation for an entire week starting today!
 What makes me less happy?
A trip to our GI specialist today.
A one day trip to Chicago on Thursday for a repeat eye exam and a g-tube button change.

With the busy week ahead, I think I'll slumber back in my mind to this weekend and all the fun I had preparing, visiting and reflecting.  I cannot wait to do it all again.
It was a true treat to myself and hopefully to all who came.

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