Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Day 2012

Happy Day of Love!

 I woke up this morning thinking alot about this day.  I am surrounded by many people who love me and who I love deeply in return.  Many of these people have been deeply hurt and Valentine's Day can bring a sting.
I am trying desperately to be sensitive to that, just as they are to me with Mabel and so many other areas of my life.  I want them to know that they are, by far, the most important things in my life and I never want to hurt them.
 We all want to feel special, sure.  But talking about and showing off our gifts can be really insensitive to those people who have been wronged and hurt deeply.  Here's what I want to say to you, if you are someone who is jaded with love::
Love is so much deeper and greater than flowers or chocolate on Valentine's day.
Love is a McDonalds breakfast shared by your best friend early in the morning.
Love is your sister creating a fabulous dessert in your kitchen after a great dinner together.
Love is a kind word to a sweet friend who is afraid and struggling.
Love is someone watching your children so you can steal a moment for yourself.
Love is a 3 mile run in the dead of winter.
Love is a cup of coffee that is full of sugar and is sweet to the bone.
Love is a glance from friend to friend, knowing.
Love is laughter and dancing.
Love is a rocking chair in the dead of night with a flopsy girl in your arms.
Love is redheaded.
Love is a dad who sends flowers to all of his girls (and the ones he loves like his own.)
Love is sensitive and caring, gentle and easy....
Love is celebrating your own life, while caring enough about those around you to at least be mindful.

Some are hurting and this day is hard.  I'm aware.  I just want you to know--I haven't forgotten.  I try desperately to read my status updates more than one time before hitting 'submit,' as to not hurt you with my words.  I walk through a store and carefully pick a card for my husband, as to not bring sadness to you when you happen to pick it up and read it.  I watch my words and my actions closely, and although I'll probably mess up at one time or another, please know I'm thinking of you and I'm trying.
Because I love you.  And that's the truth.
Our Valentine's started yesterday when daddy sent the girls flowers.  Nora is just old enough to read the card  so it was really neat watching her in anticipation of who may have sent this special gift..

 She grabbed her little heart and said, "My dad sent me flowers for Valentines Day?   Ohhhhhhh!"

 Brother wanted flowers too but I had to explain that boys send flowers to the ones they love.  They send flowers to their valentine.  He smiled a coy little grin and asked if he could send a certain someone flowers.  I told him yes.  I won't reveal quite yet who it is, just in case she's reading but sometime today (if I remember) she may be receiving a special gift from a special, kind little boy with a big crush.

This morning the Valentine fairy made her way to our home.
 And as always, Braden delivered with his enthusiasm and thankfulness.  
He makes every little thing I do worthwhile.

Mabel and Nora were still asleep but our morning started just perfectly.  
This is a day of love, of course, but isn't every day?
Shouldn't we love with reckless abandon every.single.day and show the ones that matter to us just how much?
That's my prayer today.  I want to live like that.
Recklessly abandoned in love and giving.  I want to be the hands and feet of Jesus and not just the heart of people.  I want to live, talk, walk, and act in love every day--not just today.

Did you receive a special gift today?  
Do share!

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