Thursday, April 26, 2012


It's been a hard couple of days.  Hard in new ways.  
In fact, I had sort of adjusted to the hard days with Mabel and the emotions that those hard days involved.  I was buried in the grief, emotionally speaking, and forgot that I could even hurt in other ways.
 Now I remember that I can.
But in the hurting has been some healing.  In the new hurt, new determination has arrived.  
I think that the hurt and the pain of life helps mold us into a much more well rounded version of ourselves.  I know that God works all things out for the good for those who believe in Him.
And I do.  More than I ever have before.  
That's the beauty in this journey--I truly have found a deep love for a loving God and nothing can shake it.  Not anything.
 This weekend I was able to practice forgiveness and rely so fully on that precious word that I learned so much about this year:  Grace.  
Grace was given greatly to me and I will strive to give it greatly in return.
I also felt so deeply how hard the night can be and yet how new mercies unfold before us each morning.  The agony, questions, torment, pit of the stomach aches, tossing and turning subsides when day breaks and light shines brightly over the crevices that dark so easily hides.  
Morning is a beautiful gift from a loving God, and I can finally understand that in a true way.
 Pain is humbling.  Humans are messy.  Life is hard.  God is good. 
Forgiveness is hard and yet it is right.  Mercy is unending and joy is often an option.
These are great lessons that I hope these children will see in me and tuck away in their own hearts.
 Nora had a tooth pulled this week.
I got Mabel's genetic report in the mail and cried hard at the words before me.
We are preparing for a birthday girl to turn 2 this weekend.
 Mabel has been eating by mouth alot.  
I started doing yoga again and realize there has never been a better time.
Heidi got out 3 times in the past 2 days.  Let summer begin.
 We are still praying about school for the kids this fall.  Haven't fully made a decision.  We know that Nora is going-just not sure where.
Braden may do a couple days of preschool too.
 He won't be able to wear his sister's unitards to school though.  
That's the extra perk I decided we need.
There isn't much in the way of details that I want to share about the growth and learning that was done in our home and hearts this weekend.  However, I would so appreciate your prayers for our family.  
We are a family and God will continue to be glorified...
but sometimes when we're chewing the food the meal gets messy.
Such is life.
 To my giveaway winners:  I haven't made it the post office quite yet.  I'll try to get there today or tomorrow.  I apologize but I haven't forgotten!  

Please note:  Mabel's Able 5K date has been changed to the last Saturday in August.  I'll keep you posted.

We're off to the zoo today.  Lots of photos from the phone to share tomorrow.
See ya then...


Cyndi Girdler said...

Praying for you all Ramee!

Mary said...

Sending prayers to you + your sweet family.