Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Awareness Video.

Here is our brand new Awareness Video.  This is going to be used at events to help spread information about rare and undiagnosed disease.  Of course the video doesn't say it all.  In fact, the photos of Mabel are gorgeous and therefore it's hard to understand the depth of pain or the reality of the really hard days.  Nevertheless, it's important that people put a face to the symptoms.  We want Mabel's name to be known so that our God can be glorified greatly in her life.  Please feel free to share and as always-thank you for your love and support!
PS...grab some tissue.



Beautiful! I consider myself blessed to call you my friend and sister in Christ!

Erin said...


I love your heart. Your willingness to share this story with us; your willingness to talk about good days as well as the bad days; the fact that you still give glory to God.

That video was so touching. Your Mabel is absolutely beautiful and her smile is contagious. God has entrusted you with a very special little angel and from what I can see, you are doing one heck-of-a job with her.

Keep pushing for answers.
Keep trusting Him.

Amber Greenawalt said...

Does your daughter have Mitochondrial Disease? My daughter Savannah does. I made this video to raise awareness....

The symptoms match up!

Amber Greenawalt

Amber Greenawalt said...

My friend passed along your blog to me because she recognized taht your daughter's symptoms match up with my daughter who has mito Please check out my family blog if you would like more info about Savannah and our long journey of not knowing what was wrong with our daughter. Most children with Mitochondrial Disease take YEARS to get diagnosed because doctors just don't know that much about it. Also check out We also have a facebook page called Saving Savannah.

marie clare said...

Love this, thanks for spreading awareness about our undiagnosed children. Mabel is so beautiful! i know what you mean about the pics not telling all the story, I look back on pics of Ryan in the early days and he looks like just another kid in many ways but those photos cover up so much of the sadness and heartache we have.

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful- you were so right about needing tissues! Praying Mabel does NOT remain in that 40%!