Tuesday, April 10, 2012

On topic.

On cousins:
Usually Mabel is the one playing with her tongue.  Poor Colbie is at an impressionable age.

 On 2 year olds:
Bi. Polar.
 On redheads:
In bed the other night, Nora told me that she loved God so much but she loved me more.  I explained that she should love God the very most.
Profoundly she replied, "but mommy, I can see you."

Then she proceeded to tell me that I used to be pretty but "now you got some wrinkles on your face."
 On Mabel:
One tooth to go!  One tooth to go and we'll be done teething.  I say 'we' because this has been 18 months of pure torture for all involved.
 On coloring Easter eggs:
 They stink.  Literally smell awful.
On Pre-Easter activities:
My kids are beasts.  Fighting to the end to win it.  Right on, kids.  Right on.
 On Face Painting:
Braden wanted batman.  The lady said they didn't do that.
 On Easter morning:
 Braden had already woke up and found his basket when this photo was taken.  His excitement for Nora was slightly obvious.
 On being dressed up:
Smooches are always necessary.
 On wearing your Easter best:
Mommy gets the best photos.  Sweet.
 On Granny:
She's 94 and Mabel adores her voice.  There's a secret love here, friends.  Maybe she knows that she has her name?
 On the Easter bunny:
I may have been a little excited for Harper this year.  maybe.
 On family:
Everything.  They are everything.
 On hunts:
$20 in change later, I think it was a success.
 On cheesy photos:
In Kelle Hampton's book she talks alot about her 'net.'  The photo above shows mine perfectly.  This net has held me, captured me, suffocated me, loved me and pulled me through every single day this year and last.  They are my all.

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