Friday, April 6, 2012

Photos from the Phone Friday.

It's Good Friday. 
This day is incredibly special to me, and so many of us-as it should be.
I can't help but reflect on a God who made Himself man and allowed Himself the kind of death that no one deserves.  He allowed it. 

You know we often talk of Jesus as the Lamb of God.  And it's true, He is.  But a sermon not long ago revealed to me that lamb's, on the way to be slaughtered, have not the ability to understand what is about to happen. 
But Jesus, full knowing that He was going to be crucified, went anyway. 
He made the choice to go.  He made the choice for you and for me.

What an amazing God. 
This weekend is going to be about celebrating life, God, friendship and love.
Photos to come.
Please come back on Monday because I have a giveaway that you won't want to miss!


Unknown said...

I found your blog from another friend's blog. And I wanted to let you know that Mabel is the most beautiful child. I can't get enough of her smiles. Everytime I see her smile, I find myself smiling back :) Congrats on three gorgeous children. And happy Good Friday...and Easter to you.

Amy said... look adorable in that skirt pic!

Amy said... look adorable in that skirt pic!

Ashleigh said...

I always love seeing your phone pictures!