Tuesday, April 17, 2012


It was a late night.  And then an early morning.  And the combination has made this mommy very irritable. 
I usually hate going to the grocery store but today I actually can't wait to make my list and head out the door.  Today I'll soak up those 2 hours that I'll be alone. 

And then I'll go do Yoga because there is a new FREE yoga class in town. 
Did you know?  Do you wanna go? 
Check out their facebook page "Clinton Community Yoga" and join me.
 It feels like a fall morning.  I'm always perplexed and confused as to why, when it feels like fall in the early spring it seems cold to me but if this exact day showed up in mid-September I'd think I was in Heaven. 

Today my hair may or may not be blond.  I digress.
 Thanks for entering the giveaway! 

The winner's are:
Samantha--you'll be reading Steph's book!
Mary--you'll be reading Bloom by Kelle Hampton!

Please email me your address information to:  rameelin @ hotmail and I'll get them mailed out tomorrow!
Turns out the race date may have to be changed after all.  I'll keep you posted but we know for sure it's going to be in August. 

Are you looking to have a Scentsy or Thirty-One Party? 
Email Rachel at rlpettit@live.com
She'll hook you up.

♥  Happy Tuesday.  [I hope.]


Tiffany said...

I love how ornery Mabel looks in the last photo. She is so yummy!

Mary said...

This is a belated comment, but I did want to say thank you so much, Ramee! I haven't read a 'just for fun' book in so long, and I can't wait to get this one in the mail and start reading!