Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Summer is for happy.
And yesterday I let happy explode. 

Happy:  Digging into my garden with Nora by my side.
 As hippie as it may sound, yoga connects me to my body and the garden connects me to the earth.  Both are strong, capable and can grow things.  How awesome is that?
 Happy:  a laughing girl.
 Happy:  A happy place.  Anything quaint, quiet and tucked away will do.
 Dinner in that happy place is a major bonus.
And ice cream after dinner?  perfect.
 Happy:  Dandelion dances. [and wishes]
 Happy:  Sunset dances on the lakeside sidewalk.  In front of the quaint little happy place.
 Happy:  Natural light at sunset for stunning pictures.
Of a little girl in the grass.
 Happy:  Her.

 Happy:  Them.
 Happy:  Us.
 Happy:  Glowing, flirty moments before the sun goes down.
 Happy:  A beach sunset.  Soon, it will be ours but for now we could only spectate. 
It was gorg.  And it made me happy.
It was leaking from my pours yesterday...all sorts of happy.
You can find it.  You can choose it.  You can escape it.  You can avoid it.

Pick a day and just be

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