Monday, May 21, 2012

My hope for you.

Dear children,
In life I hope that you accomplish everything that you desire.  I hope that you work hard to achieve big things and that you feel good about your journey, whatever it is. But more than anything, there are a few things that I hope for you most of all...

I hope that you learn to see people differently than society sees them.  I hope that you see them through the eyes of each other.  With love, compassion, grace and mercy.  I hope that you are tender hearted and that you receive people with warmth and acceptance. 
I hope that I never hear you say the word, 'retard' like I heard other kids your age say just yesterday.  I am so proud of the fact that we have taught you to value life-all of it-for what it is.  A gift, to each and every one of us.  People are different in all sorts of ways, kids, but that doesn't mean that they aren't beautiful and valuable and that they don't have great worth.  Eternity means that they do.  Eternity decides that they are worth our love.  I hope that you always know that.
[and I have a feeling that you will.]  It is a great gift to know how to treat people with kindness.  I hope that you receive that gift in your heart and open it daily no matter how people treat you in return.
 I hope that you sing loud.  I hope that every single day you dance in some way.  I hope that you hear the beat of music and it sets you free.  I hope that you appreciate flowers and the dirt around them.  I hope that you feel the sunshine and realize that we live in a world where we can enjoy the freedom to make choices.  I hope that in that freedom you choose to wear sunscreen and take care of your perfect, fragile, pale skin.  It's unique and needs extra care but I hope that it is worth it to you.  I hope that you see the importance of your bodies and cherish them.  They are strong and capable.  Even yours, Mabel.  It is stronger than most.  It fails you most days, my love, but it pulls you through in victory too.  It amazes me and I am so proud of it. 
These shells are who we are until Heaven so please take care of them.  I hope that you find great peace in a long run and great pleasure in good, healthy food. 
 I hope that you enjoy the quiet and embrace the noise.  There is a fine balance in the two of them; a dance of genuine contentment and true craziness.  It is what will move you into places of yourself that you didn't know existed.  I hope that you enjoy a long, hot shower or that you crave the aloneness that a bubble bath may bring. 

I hope that you grow up and want to start a family.  And I want you to know that no matter how that happens for you, I will support you.  I hope that you have a desire to reach out to the needy and give to the poor.  I hope that your heart so swells with the need to give.  I hope that you get involved in missions.  I enjoyed Mexico but maybe God will take you to Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia or China.  Wherever He leads you, please follow.  Look what can happen if you open your life up to His plan for your future...
  <--click here to see.
 I hope that you grow your hair long and then cut it short.  I hope that you color it many colors and embrace yourself in each of them.  I hope that you read great romance novels but that you are interested in reading anything and everything.  I hope that you find a great romance of your own someday.  And not a perfect, flawless romance but a messy, intriguing, selfless, insanely passionate love that lasts a lifetime.  I hope that you are interested in religion but settle in a relationship with God that is personal and lasting.  I hope that aside from religion you would learn to fall in love with and appreciate medicine.  Medicine has saved Mabel's life many times and I hope that as you grow you will learn to appreciate Science as well.  Research, experiments, trials and therapies will be the key to our future and I hope that you would learn early on to accept that.  I hope that you have great discernment, though, and would have divine wisdom to know when to let go of medicine and trust only in God.  It is a tricky balance in our world today but it is possible to find.
 I hope that you learn to stand on the truth of God's promises but that you would not get swept up in legalism or the politics of the church.  It isn't something new, kids-it has always been here.  But I hope that you have the same kind of passion that daddy and I have to escape it and be part of something greater.  I hope that you would not put yourself in a position where you are boxed into a set of certain beliefs.  It is ok to believe differently, think separately, challenge yourself and even others.  It is ok if you aren't sure what you believe or if it changes over time.  It is ok because there is a God who has not expected us to know it all.  He only expects you to trust in Him and know that His way is higher and greater than ours.  I hope that you feel that, even now.

I hope that you will always crawl into bed with us when you have a bad dream and I hope you know that I will always let you-no matter your age.  I hope that you take many pictures and write many poems.  I hope that you enjoy fashion and food.  I hope that you have a desire to work and a desire to rest.  I hope that you enjoy fall for all of it's beautiful wonder and yet beg for the smell of a summer rain.  I hope that you swim in a creek many times.  I hope that you stand for many things that you believe in.  I hope that there are many causes in which you will pursue.  I hope that you seek justice and love mercy.  I hope that you have many acquaintances and few friends.  Life is easier this way.  You will know your friends from the very first day you meet them.  God will let you know who they are and that they will always be in your life.  I hope you meet at least one good friend online.  ( I met Aunt Rachel on the internet and have a very special friendship with Tiffany because of the internet. )  These friendships are just as important and lasting.  So go for it!

I hope that you love deeply, regret greatly, forgive always, hurt often and grow constantly.
This may confuse you but it will also mold you.  It will define you.
I hope you stand tall, tell the truth, believe in yourself, ride the Ferris Wheel and roller skate often.  I hope that you visit the ocean, make friends with a stranger, grow a vegetable garden and visit another country.  I hope that you become doctors, teachers, homemakers, veterans, or bird scientists. 
I hope for you to have a full, rich, blessed life.

It will be full of the unexpected.
Rich with acceptance.
And blessed if you accept favor.

I hope that you feel loved now and always by daddy and I.  Because we do love you-more than anything.  And we hope for you all that want and more.

Always & Forever,


Mary said...

All so beautiful-- the words and the photos! Love this.

Lukesmommy25 said...

Beautiful, and I LOVE the photos! Your kids are sooo cute!

Tiffany said...

My. favorite. post. ever. So beautiful, Rame! LOVE the photos!

Cristina said...

What a lovely post! I look forward to reading more of your blog and beautiful kids!

To answer the question you left on my blog, the answer is yes, Bertrand moves all the time. His movements have evolved over time, but there is always a bit of a current running through him. His movements can be described as choreo-athetoid especially when he is excited/interested/happy or upset. Thanks for stopping by!