Saturday, May 5, 2012

saturday rambles.

My heart has been pricked this week by Jesus.
In all new ways and yet some so familiar.  I am hungry for Him.  Desperate for more of Him.  His word has been sweet; this part of our journey emphasized on growth. 
His presence has filled me once again in a subtle and yet empowering way.
There have been so many sweet, gentle moments this week.  The calm of life has overcome the exhaustion of heartache and pain and the breeze of the Holy Spirit swept over this home like a springtime tornado.  It's been revitalizing me.   
 When we went to church on Wednesday the pastor talked about our relationship with Jesus and how we get to have undistracted, unfettered conversation with Him.  I have been chewing on that ever since he used those words and I have been stuck on the fact that it is our privelage to interact with this King.  But yet, that is just what He wants from us.  He's wonderful.
 We got yet another letter from our geneticist this week.  He wants to include testing for one more syndrome when we get to the whole genome sequencing.  His letter was detailed and in depth once again but I am enthralled by the fact that he is still thinking of our girl and is still concerned with us for her.  I know God led us here and I am incredibly humbled.
Beyond words, actually.
 Daniel took some time off of work to reconnect with the kids and I. 
It was much needed and it has been good.  Oh so good.
He & I haven't talked this much in well over a year-at least not all at one time.  We're focused on each other and it feels nice.  I realized over the last week that I actually DO have the energy for this marriage.  I am not quite sure where it is coming from, but I still love this man greatly and like I've been so adament about saying so many times before-you make time for what you enjoy.
I enjoy him.  And I enjoy being with him. 
Mabel's tooth came in. 
 It is hot here.  Really, really hot.
The kids have been in the sprinkler and sunkissed shoulders have been teasing me all day. 
 Mabel is up to eating by mouth 3 times a day!! 
She has gotten more coordinated, more efficiant, less chokey, and she actually enjoys it!
I can't tell you what it does to me to watch her eat.  It's something that every mom should really take it when their child can swallow food without choking or gagging.  It's something that you should never take advantage of when your baby can drink a bottle quickly and well.  Ours didn't do that until just a few weeks ago and suddenly, it's all coming together.  It's the one area where she is thriving and I have found myself, more than once, taking a huge sigh and saying...
 We officially have a two year old running loose around the house. 
She stripped down naked and 'shaked her booty' the other night as we all laughed hysterically at her antics.  She says funny, funny things and is making all kinds of new faces.  She is singing new songs by the day and she tells me that she loves me 'SO much.'  I could die.
Other than a sore throat, achy body and wicked headache--
all is right in my world right now. 

Whats your weekend look like?


Elizabeth said...

I am thrilled for Mabel eating! That is amazing. I hope we get there too someday...

Glad you and your husband were able to reconnect.

Wonderful pictures.

It's HOT here too- bleh.

Tiffany said...

I loved this post!! YAY, Mabel!!!! I cannot even imagine how wonderful that feels for you to see her eat - and 3x a day to boot! Yippy Jesus!