Tuesday, May 1, 2012


We've taken some time off of life's 'stuff' to reflect on one another. 
It has been a week of painful refreshing. 
And yet seeing these children be so fulfilled just spending time with us pushes me forward. 
What more can we do?  What more can we do without?
 During this last week I took the time to really see things for what they are.  When the kids noticed a baby bunny, I really saw it too.  I took the time to look, listen and watch as they explained in great excitement what they loved about it.  I tried to be focused.  I heard them.
 While at the zoo this weekend I couldn't help but be completely intrigued and mesmerized by this beautiful peacock.  He let us get so close to him that we were able to touch his feathers. 
I learned alot just by watching him. 
 A female peacock walked by and suddenly he puffed up.  In a quick whisk his feathers expanded and he became proud and confident.  He wanted the attention of that female so desperately.
And in a humorous way, she turned her head away and walked on by.
She didn't give him the time of day.
He was gorgeous and I couldn't help but laugh.  But then feel sorry for him. 
His pride was surely diminished.
 Nora got to hold a baby goat.  This was probably my favorite moment of the entire trip.  She just loves animals and I hope she continues to. 
 My second favorite moment?
Seeing the goats all around Mabel. 
She had no idea but laughed as they chewed and called all around her.

 There are times in my life that seem surreal.  It's a moment when I'm with all of the people I love and this family we have made when I feel overwhelmed with so much joy.  So much happiness.  I know these moments will be gone in a flash so I hold them tightly in my mind. 
 Life is whirling quickly around me and it has been so nice to take a few days to relax.  Refrain from life as we know it and enjoy one another.  In fact, I think we'll keep up this pace. 
 This is the pace of happy.

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Tiffany said...

LOVE. Praying you are able to remain in that place. What a blessing!