Monday, May 28, 2012

swimsuits && summertime.

Happy Memorial Day.

I'm without a laptop because Nora spilt sprite on our new computer.  The computer that I'm supposed to be using to write a book with.  Instead I've been spending time reading books and it has been cathartic.  In fact, I think I'll stay wrapped tightly in them and escape sometime later this week.  

We have been water parking, camping out, and eating far too many Popsicles.  
All three kids have been sick.  Mabel has had pink eye and a sinus infection.  
My throat is starting to hurt.

Last night Mabel reached up and touched my face for the very first time.  I posted a status about it and got 146 likes.  The amount of support we have is incredible.  

She woke me up in the night and I rocked her, cradled tightly in my arms.  As I looked at our shadows I realized how big she is.  And how long her hair is.  
No wonder people are starting to stare.

The last few days have been good.  
I'm happy.  It's warm and the summer heat is doing us well.
I miss my husband when he's gone and love being with him when he's home.
The house feels crisp and clean.
The kids are mostly hot and dirty.  
It's a good feeling.

I'll update soon.  In the meantime I am soaking in the days.
Swimsuits and Summertime.

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