Wednesday, June 20, 2012

first set of results.

Today I went to the mailbox to find a letter from our geneticist.  Basically he said that the first set of blood tests came back normal, ruling out Menkes syndrome as a possible cause of Mabel's symptoms.  This is encouraging, as children with Menkes usually don't live long.  They are very sick and get much sicker.  I'm so thankful for good news!

As the blood tests continue to come in and continue to be normal-each time we will be a little closer to doing the whole genome sequence for Mabel.  We believe this is the best shot at finding our diagnosis.  So while we would like to have results before having to undergo such an expensive and extensive test, we are also thankful each time that they appear normal. 

Again, each disease that we are currently testing for are extremely discouraging.  These syndromes are typically fatal.  Please continue to pray as we receive results over the coming days and weeks.  We are so thankful for your support and prayers.

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Amy said...

R, praying in earnest for your little lady, Mabel. I pray for God's hand in each & every situation. I pray for peace in your & Daniel's hearts. Mabel's testimony already has changed lives, you can count on that:)