Saturday, June 23, 2012


There are so many unknowns in life.  They can almost begin to consume you.  I understand this as the greatest part of my day to day is based on things I just don't know.

But there are a few things that I know for sure.

1. The beach can save you.  It can set you free.  It is calm, gentle, and relaxing.  This is the summer of the beach and I have never felt more thankful for a place that has seen me at my best.  The sand embraces our steps as the water washes away the worries of life.  It is our serenity and it may just be the one thing that sees me through these hot days.
2.  Worrying about your weight is unnecessary. 
Trying to be healthy is important but worrying every day about the number on the scale or the food you are going to eat is consuming.  It is exhausting.  Of course you want to look good but ultimately you are going to be loved by those who love you and that's all that matters.  Not your number.  Not your size.  Eat a brownie and be happy about it.

 3.  Wearing long pajamas in the dead of summer heat is a bad idea. 
 4.  The bond of sister's is unbreakable. 
Even now, as children I can see the love that Nora has for Mabel and I know when it begins. 
At first sight. 
Sister's grow and change.  They make mistakes and they hurt one another.  But ultimately it is something greater that binds them together and it is unshakable. 
 5.  Marriages really can be mended. 
There are some things that are unforgivable.  They are painful, devastating and downright wrong.  But there are those rare moments in a marriage when you can see, feel and know that this is worth overcoming.  There will be something great on the other end of this.  I know because recently we mended parts of our marriage that needed attention and our relationship has never been better.

6.  Special needs is hard.
It is.  I know this for sure.  We've been at it for almost 18 months now and it hasn't gotten much easier.  Some aspects are less challenging, sure, but overall things are more difficult now than ever.  Our girl is growing and her body is different. Things are probably going to get more difficult over time and now I'm more aware of that.  Special needs is hard because you grieve.  You change completely and just when you do that, you go through the cycle again.  There is no easy part of this journey but it is beautiful and worth the growth.  Every part of it is always worth the things we have all learned and the way we now love.
 7.  Raising a boy is pretty hard too.
It just is.

8.  God is faithful.
He seems distant sometimes but He is always present.  Always calling us to Himself.  He is the healer, protector, Father of all things.  He is a God that is more than enough.  He is a God that cares about the details of our lives.  He is faithful and He is longing for us to be faithful in return.
9.  Money is just money.
It never feels like enough.  I have seen that you can live on very little or have an overabundance and it never seems to be enough.  It's the world we live in and it's a sad place but I've learned to accept that no matter what we do, the one thing that we can make more of is money.  So I try to worry less, pray more and just live in the meantime. 
10.  Music can save you.

11.  Raising money for a cause is essential for a good life.
It makes you feel good and it betters you.  It is for something more than yourself.  It is for the good of many others and in that, you feel the reward of your efforts.  So whether it's for our cause or something else--get involved.  You won't be disappointed. 
Our race is officially August 25th.  More details to come.
12.  A kitten is good for the soul.
I haven't laughed so much at an animal in all my life as I have over this baby kitten the last few weeks.  She has made me so happy.
I'm guilty of spending money on things that will make me smile, dying my hair to feel the rush of something new and exercising to release the 'good' endorphins that I know my body will let go of.  I am constantly eating an extra cookie because it makes me happy or not giving up my one pop a day because it's a sweet reward for my hard work. 

There are so many unknowns in this life that I have learned to cling to things that are more tangible.  I can feel them, see them, touch them, taste them, smell them and know that the gratification that I'm feeling is real and good.  It may not be lasting, but for the time, I am fulfilled and that is important to me.  Seem silly?  It isn't.

I have a summer bedspread that I bought in the middle of my deep grief last year.  We didn't necessarily have the extra money but I knew it would make me happy-and it did.  I have a couple pictures hanging in my house that I stand in front of from time to time and truly enjoy them.  They make me smile and make me feel happy for the moment.  I drink the same coffee every morning because it is normal and gives me happy memories.  I dress Mabel in certain colors because they make me happy.  I listen to certain songs because they take me to a familiar and happy place.  I buy candles that I know will make me feel good. 

Most of the time I am not a person who bases things on my feelings but I have found that there are certain instances when it is just necessary for me to get through the day and I now know there is nothing wrong with that. 
What are some things that make you happy? Some things you know for sure?
With all the unknowns what are the things that you cling to that you know will fulfill you?

Happy Saturday.  To the beach we go...

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