Wednesday, June 20, 2012

no mom[blog]

I really hate the term "mom-blogger."
I suppose in the beginning that is what I considered myself to be.  I blogged about the redheads and their daily events, both funny and not so much.  I blogged recipes and fitness advice and everything that consumed my life at the time.
But now? 
Now there is a greater purpose here.  This isn't a mom blog.
This is a place where there is a mom fighting hard for awareness. 
This is a place where I write about something so rare that most people will never even hear about it.
This is the place that feels safe; that is mine.
Saying this is a mom blog would feels like saying I'm just a stay at home mom when in all actuality, I am so much more than that. 
So when you read here and you decide to share about this place with someone you know {and I hope you will!}- please tell them that you read this really amazing blog that is all about life, God, children, and awareness for a pretty special little girl.
Speaking of this girl, she is turning 2 in just about 3 weeks. 
And although I try hard not to think about her age most of the time, we all know I love a birthday celebration.  Last year we had a first birthday party and it was hard.  This year, I do believe it will be much easier.  I can't wait to celebrate the most life-changing two years I have ever had with the people I love [&& who love our girl].
I don't know if I've announced it here, but my Tastefully Simple website is up and ready to be ordered from!
You can buy wonderful beer bread mix, almond pound cake, teas, spices, dips and so much more.  All of Tastefully Simple's items can be made with 2-3 other ingredients (usually mayo, sour cream or butter.)  Check out the website and feel free to order at any time!!!
It's the first official day of Summer which means it's the longest day of the year.  Lots of sunshine and today it is supposed to be majorly hot.  We will spend the day inside.
The kids will be bored and fighting, I'm sure. 
Remember my good friend Tiffany?  She and her husband Jim adopted Jamesy from Ethiopia awhile back and are now traveling back to fulfill something great by bringing their teenage son, Habi, to America!  In order to do this they could use our prayers.  Would you also consider helping with their trip by purchasing a t-shirt or two? 
You can read more about their journey with baby J or Habi on Tiff's blog
Please remember to email me with any prayer requests.  I love knowing that I can be there for you as you are always faithful for me. 

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