Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Do you hear Him?

My God is the giver of life.  He is the giver of this one perfect, wild, enchanting life.  He gave it to us freely and He begs us to choose it.  He begs us to eat from this tree; the tree the grows from the depths of His ground and His rich soil.  Our God is begging for us to choose Him.  
To choose to believe in Him.  Even when the rest looks daunting, hard and ugly.

My God is the beginning and the end.  He is the author and the finisher of our fate.  
Our story.  Our song.  
He is the only One who has made everyone and He is calling each of us.  

My God is eternal and forever and He is unchanging.  His ways are not understood and we are here with an earthly mind.  Although we cannot understand His ways, He is pleading for us to at least depend on them.  
His ways alone.

My God is near.  He is here and He is available.  My God is the key to the secrets and the unknowns.  He directs our paths and makes them straight.

This God.  This life.  
This one good chance that we have is not to be wasted.
Speaking to me tonight, He begged me to hear Him.
Can you?

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