Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Happy 6th, Nora!

Happy Birthday Nora Elaine!!!
Today was so special!!!  You woke up early-even before your brother and sister, so daddy and I got you all to ourselves.  This is rare!  But it was incredibly needed for all of us and I'm so glad you loved the presents we picked out for you.
 Today you turned 6 and we can hardly believe it.  Your daddy still wants to hold you like a baby, and you let him for a second before you went back to being the big girl that you are.
 You enjoyed opening your presents and we enjoyed watching you.  You talk so much now!  You chattered opening each gift and we listened intently.  We know you are doing the same when we talk... 

 Aunt Rachel and Harper came early to bring your gift.  You were already dressed and ready for your day out with Pawpy and Noni.  They asked if they could take you to lunch, birthday shopping and school-clothes shopping too.  

 I missed you while you were away and wondered what kind of gifts you would pick out.  As I cleaned the house and sang worship songs to your sister, I thought of how you would jump in my tummy when music would come on as I grew you for 9 long months.  Your daddy played worship for a small church in North Carolina and you would literally excite at the sound of his guitar.
You came home from your shopping adventure with your first pair of real rollerskates.  You reminded me so much of my young self.
 Pawpy was proud and although you may not understand it now, I want you to know that today was very special.  You are blessed to have so many grandparents, great-grandparents and even Granny (your great-great grandma) still in your life.  I hope that you treasure these moments with them and hold them deep in your heart, Nora.  I can still remember eating chicken dinner with my gramps at KFC when he would come to visit.  It was something that he and I enjoyed very much and judging by Pawpy's face today I would say that this made his whole year!

 You have so many people who love you, baby, and you are growing into quite the young lady.  You make me so proud every single day.  
 I have seen so many changes in you this year, Nora.  You have matured and grown quickly which makes me sad but also you are wise beyond your years.  You remind me much more of your Aunt Jeni than I ever thought you would and I love that about you.  You try so hard to dance and sing but what you really love to do is color, write and do crafts.  You are very artsy.  You love puzzles and playing dress up and you are a kind, sweet girl.  And I'm not just saying that-
You really, truly are.
 The first thing you did this morning when your sister woke up was ask to hold her "now that you're 6." Of course I let you and I cherish watching you with her.  You love her so so much, Nora and you are a great big sister.  You are growing more concerned about Mabel every day and your little mind is starting to comprehend things that we haven't yet shared with you.  You are far too smart for me to hold it all from you for too long but I'm trying desperately for now to answer your questions with caution and to ease us into bigger conversations when I think you're ready.  For now, you look at Mabel with such adoration and although you know something isn't quite right, you always just take such good care of her.  Now that you're six, I will let you hold her more often.  Today you fed her a bottle and I want you to know that I appreciate your help.  You are such a big girl.

 Speaking of being a big girl...
Over this past year you developed your first crush.  Hard core crushing on the Biebs.  It's funny to all of us how at first you were so shy about it and just tonight you ran through the house saying your dreams had come true and you loved him with your whole heart.

 You still love to dress yourself and tonight, on your 6th birthday you just insisted that you wear your mermaid costume.  You told Nanny on the phone that you'd be dressed 'super cute' when she saw you tonight...and you were!
 We all celebrated you today, baby!
I know how greatly you deserve your own time, your own attention, your own gifts and your very own day.  So I did my best to give you that and Aunt Rachel said that she caught you looking at me often throughout the night.  I hope you know how very much I love you.

 You gave me the greatest gift of my whole life when you made me a mommy 6 years ago today.  I was never scared.  I was never worried.  I just knew when I first saw you that I was born to be your mom.  I was created for this purpose and even though it is such a huge challenge...it is the greatest role I will ever play.  I love mothering you. 
 You are starting to be so funny and develop your own personality that just makes us all laugh and sometimes causes us to feel incredibly awkward inside.  
You say weird things and I wish I could remember even half of them to write down but I can't.  Just know that you are quite comical... 

 You told Noni that God made us all beautiful and that we didn't need make up to look that way.  Then you told her that I look beautiful with no make up but that God comes down and puts His hands on my cheeks to make them pink.  And then you whispered to her, "It's blush."
You're funny and smart, kiddo.
 We had the best day, Nora.  
We had the best party!  You looked beautiful and you were so thankful.  Your heart is so unique and I pray that I can continue to help you mold and shape it into something even greater!

 I'm proud of you every day and I'm thankful for the young lady you are becoming.  I hope that I can teach you to make wise choices and to use the strength that God placed inside of you.  It's there, Nora, even when you don't feel like it is.  You have to reach inside of yourself and pull it out every day and trust that God will be glorified through it.  I have a feeling that He has huge plans in store for you, baby, and I want you to know it may not always be easy.  Just hang in there...
Daylight is coming!
 I can't believe you're six years old.  I can't believe all the wonderful memories we have of these years!!!

 At the end of your party you put on your very own show with back up dancers and all.  I don't know many little girls who can get everyone in the same room and get them to dance on cue...but you did and it was pretty amazing.

 I look around and I see all of these people who cherish you and I can't help but feel overwhelmed.  When I named you "Nora" it was because your name means 'light.'  You are such a light to everyone who sees you and knows you.  You have a powerful energy and a resilient spirit.  You will do great things because of both.  I can't wait to watch you grow...

 Tonight, everyone was happy.
You sang a song about God that you made up on your own and Aunt Rachel said it was the greatest sermon she has heard in a very long time.  Already, Nora, you know Him very intimately and He is speaking to your heart.  You always tell me that you don't know if you will hear Him when He speaks but trust me, baby...you already are.

(Aunt Jeni look alike)

 I love you Nora.  There's just not much more I can say about it.  You are everything I ever hoped for in a daughter and a little girl.  You have made all of my dreams come true and then some.  You make me proud to be your mommy and you make me long to do my very best in this journey of raising you.  I am so thankful that God chose me and I will always honor Him in the ways that I teach you and nurture you.  
 Your brother may not know it now, but you are a superstar.  He adores you, and so do I.  
Rock on sister!
I hope today was as wonderful for you as it was for me.
I loved everything about it.
You're beautiful in every single way, baby.
I love you.


Cyndi Girdler said...

Ramee, this is a beautiful tribute to a beautiful girl!

SomeoneLikeYou said...

Today was my birthday, as well. I turned 19!

It was so special to read what you write to your little girl. I can feel the love you have for her. Reading from a mother's point of view on their child's birthday was special. It gives me an insight into what my mother (who must part with me in a few weeks because I'm going off to college!) must feel like.

You are wonderful♥