Monday, July 23, 2012

just some sentences.

Like so many of you, I too am devastated over the shootings that happened a few days ago.  I've tried desperately to avoid the news as I am longing for something mindless rather than something so serious. But I'm heartbroken and have been praying for the family's affected.  
Life is oh so precious.
 2 nights ago I had a really bad night.  
Thrashing around in my bed and rocking as I cried.
I just couldn't stop saying the word disease and thinking about all that it means. At 3 am I finally took a sleeping pill and begged God to let me rest.
But then morning came and the dark of night faded and all felt well again.  Or somewhat.
I still can't stomach much food but have been munching when someone stops by to visit so that I'm eating without thinking [rache taught me that and it's genius.]
 We are still weaning Mabel from one seizure med.  It's week two and she has been crying non stop since Thursday.  On top of the diagnosis call, her crying and me not having a moment to even breathe, it's been alot.  I finally called Dr. K today and we're adjusting some other meds.  
Mama is tired.  Oh so tired.

We are still in a drought.  
No rain for weeks and no rain in sight.  
It is oh. so. hot...and yet my boy comes down the stairs wearing this and insists on wearing it throughout the day.  Or, if he isn't wearing this he isn't wearing anything except his undies.  I don't get it but I'm down with it.  Whatever makes him tick.
 I'm a little burnt out on my summer enthusiasm.  Lemonade and popsicles just aren't doing it for me anymore.  I'm hungry for baked apple pie and a cool breeze.  
Oh and the homecoming parade.  

  It's even been too hot for the beach and my little froggy who says "riddit" is missing it badly. 
Every day she tells somebody that she's going to the beach.
She isn't but I sure can't wait until it's in the 80's again so we can.
Good friends and the beach are like water to my soul.
 Today we received our Mabel's Able bracelets.  
As of tonight they are almost completely sold out.  
You guys rock.
 Over the weekend Braden figured out that he could make himself sneeze.
I fell on the kitchen floor laughing; a good reprieve from my usual position [fetal] and crying.
He has the most tender heart and even though he is still very busy and mostly aggravating, he is so loveable and sweet too.  He gives the best kisses and calls me beautiful.
He loves Mabel in the most special way.
Tonight I did my first set of summer photos since closing the studio last fall.  It felt good and I know they turned out great.

 Tomorrow night we are having some very special visitors come and stay with us.
I won't blog until they are gone but I can't wait to share about our time together.
 For now, I'm off to cuddle with my handsome husband.  He is on vacation this week and we have some serious catching up to do.  Sometimes life sneaks in and steals precious time.  In our world it is easy to get lost in all that is happening around us.  
I plan on tucking into our family and friends this week and enjoying the normalcy that I hope returns as the days carry me.  

I hope to wake up and feel like eating again soon.  Will you pray with me?
What are you doing to stay cool and energized this summer?  
Do tell.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog by accident. A lovely accident. I am so sorry for your struggles, but am so happy for your faith and confidence in God.

Today, I looked at your "about me" page and found out you are so close to me. We are in Chenoa (just north of Bloomington-Normal). I posted the Race/Walk on my Facebook page and am keeping you and your family in my prayers.

God Bless,
Crystal Coffin

brandy said...

Praying with and for you always!! I am soooooo ready for fall too I CANT even wait..and cant wait to hear about your visit with your special friend!! :)