Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Hi all.  
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I dont know if you have heard but here in Illinois we are in a drought.  A literal drought.  
 It was obvious last week when the rain finally fell (for all of 3 seconds) that my kids were also aware of what this means.

 It's hot.  
And our crops and flowers are desperate.
 Summer is usually a favorite time of mine.  But somewhere in the middle of July I lose my spunk for all things humid.  I get tired of the hot days and the long nights.  It's sticky and the kids are dirty and I just long for a cool evening.  
I'm hoping to find my initial excitement again soon.  I'm thinking a beach trip is in order.
 For now, I'm dreaming of Apples and Pumpkins.  Spices and candles.  
I can't help it.  It's in my bones.
 But I'm also trying really hard to enjoy these final days of summer with my little ones.  Nora will start school and I will have only the memories of what it was like to have her home with me all day.  I so enjoy it but I can also tell we are both ready for the change.
 I can't believe she's almost 6.  
He's almost 5.
And life is passing by so quickly.  
 They make me laugh and they make me cry.  Usually many times a day.  
I scream and yell and argue and fight with them constantly and at the end of the day I can't help but know how incredibly blessed we are to have each other.
Our life is so full.  And so rich.
 Favorite things from this week so far?

Braden singing a made-up birthday song to Mabel.
Hosting a $500 Tastefully Simple party!
Dozens of emails regarding the race (that is going to be a huge success!)
 Daniel playing worship at our new church.
Getting back to my normal weight on the scale.
 Mabel rolling over from her back to her belly.  [first time in almost 20 months!]
 Rain drops && Flip flops.
 Camp outs with kittens. 
Coral-colored outfits on 2 year old girls.

 Late night dance parties between toddler friends (and adult ones)

 Quite mornings.
Flirty texts with my husband.
And knowing that in this summer heat there is a beautiful breeze blowing in my spirit.  
The drought outside, for the first time in a very long time, is not a refection of whats happening inside of this heart.  This heart is full and refreshed.

I am finally able to confidently look around and see that there are much fewer sad moments then there are happy ones.  The place where I am is one of rich contentment and acceptance and although the acceptance is difficult and daunting-it is peaceful.

Praying for rain.
Praying for rain.
Praying for rain.

What can I pray with you about?

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Kristi said...

I am cracking up that Nora has on a swim backpack running through the sprinkles -- she is too much :) And I'm crying happy tears for Mabel's rolling party -- you go girlfriend!!