Saturday, August 11, 2012

date night & race dreams.

Last night I put my guy in the passenger seat of the van and blindfolded him.  It was date night and I wanted to give him a surprise.
 It was funny to see his reaction when I took off his blindfold and he saw that Steve and Abrian were coming with us.  Not a big deal but keepin the love alive, ya know?  

On my run yesterday I realized that we hadn't been out alone with them.  I wanted to see Daniel but I also didn't really want to be alone because conversation always inevitably comes back to Mabel and Batten's Disease.  I wanted a fun, carefree dinner and some laughter.  
 I knew just who to call.
 We had such a fun time and while walking around Wal Mart after dinner, Abrian asked me if someone else was doing Mabel's meds.  I had almost forgotten.
It was nice to be 'normal' for a night and just forget for a little while.

In a thrift store before dinner I had an older lady badger me about the fact that I should be wearing heals while I can.  I am young and beautiful, she said.  I have the perfect body, she said.  
And she went on and on for about 5 minutes.  
Without the kids, no one would ever know that I'm this mom.  What would she have thought if I told her about my baby?  Or that I'm a mom of 3 kids under the age of 6.  
Who can wear heals while holding a 2 year old all day anyway?
 After we dropped Steve and Abrian off, Daniel said to me that he could have cried just because of all the work I went to, just giving him a surprise.  
 Mission Accomplished for both of us.
Mabel's been a little 'distant' lately.  We are doing lots of med changes and adjustments so I always hope that's all we're dealing with.  My greatest fear since finding out that she has NCL has been that she will lose her smile.  I think I will do fine processing and coping with all that we have been dealt if my sweet girl can just keep her smile.
 I had a dream about the race last night.  Only 100 people showed up.  I ran and everyone else was bicycling yet I still won.  Amazingly fast, right?
 I will not win the race, of that I'm sure.  But I am running this year.  
We're hoping for far more than 100 people.  We're hoping that this day will change lives.
 August 25th.  
8 am registration.
9:30 am balloon release, my speech and prayer
 Let the race begin!

Silent Auction with dozens of amazing items.
T-shirts and bracelets for sale.
Clinton YMCA.
 Even if you can't run, you can probably walk.
And that alone is a gift.
We hope to see you there!

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Amy said...

So excited! I will be there for the race, it will be a walk for me!!! It warms my heart to see you putting in such an effort to make your spouse feel like he matters, that he is loved, that he is worth it. I can't wait to met my friend Mable and I can tell her to myself how much she has changed my life. I am looking forward to meeting your village :)