Monday, August 13, 2012

weekend ramblings.

It's happening. 
The sun is placing itself at a slightly different angle in the sky.  An angle that beckons autumn.  I can see it in the redhead's hair and I can see it in the hallway as I wake to my familiar chores. 
 This weekend we took advantage of the cooler temps by enjoying friends and food.  What better way to welcome in the new and changing season than with laughter and a full tummy?
 I love seeing the kids in long jammies.
 ...or toddler onesies.  
 I love seeing chubby toddlers become brave in the face of fear.  
 ...and then feeling proud of themselves because of it!
 It was the most simple weekend filled with simple thoughts and simple, joyful moments.

 Old friends.  New friends.  
It's all the same around here.

  Dirty kids.  
Late night star gazing, coffee drinking, reminiscing, laughing and talking.
Perfect weekend.

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