Sunday, September 2, 2012

grace like rain.

I watched the clouds cover our town from a back country road on my bike ride.  As I got closer to the end of the road, the rain began to fall.  I started to talk to the Lord as each drop pounded my cheeks and blinded my sight.  

"Lord, let your presence be as refreshing and cool to my spirit as this rain is to my body.  Rain in me Lord.  Let it wash away everything unholy and refine every part of me.  I desire you God.  Your rain."

I couldn't wait to get home and let the kids play outside with me.  I rode faster and the rain fell harder.  I laughed to myself as I pedaled through town and people watched me in disbelief.  
 The kids, without question, agreed to play outside with me.  We jumped in puddles, laughed when we fell in the mud and made memories that will last me forever.  My little kids, not so little anymore.  Oh how time changes things.
 I loved watching them cover themselves in mud and muck and then showing them that minutes later, it was gone.  The rain really does wash away our nastiness.  
There is no need to live a life afraid of what God thinks of you or your choices.  Although it is healthy to revere the Lord, I believe He wants us to be confident in His amazing mercy.  There is great relief in knowing that He is a God who cleans, restores, purifies.  

My simple prayer can also be yours today.  
Let His grace, like rain, fall down on you today and cool your face.  Let it pound your skin and blind your eyes for a moment.  And then when you are able to see once again, giggle at how foolish you must look to the 'world' that doesn't understand your need for a long rain shower from a God that is totally and ridiculously magnificent.  

I pray you are full of joy today.  With whatever you are doing and whoever you are with, may it be a day that feels light, cool, and calming.  
Happy Sunday!

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