Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I was chosen to write a review of a Dove product by BlogHer.  I was thrilled because, hey...I get to try a free product and then I get to write about it and THEN my readers get a chance to be entered into a $1000 sweepstakes.
  Why not?  

But this time it was something that totally rocked my world and pertained to my every day life.  
Because this week I have not only cut my hair but I have also colored it twice.  
  Just like Lady GaGa, I hope to 'die living just as free as my hair.'
That's my ultimate goal in this life.  Well maybe not my ultimate goal but it is important to me.
Among other things that I know, hair is something that I know well.  Aside from this summer that I'm now calling 'the summer of the shag,' I have always had a good hair cut and a surprise new color.  

So when I opened my mailbox a few weeks ago to find a Dove conditioner for damage therapy waiting on me, I about fell to the ground with hysteria.  I mean, does the God of damaged hair really think this is necessary?  Apparently so.  If anyone can write a review on this particular conditioner, it's this girl.  
Redheaded [or sometimes blond, or sometimes brown] Ramee.

With this particular bottle of conditioner also came a small sample size hair spray.  I'll keep this short and sweet--I adored it.  The hairspray worked fabulous on my thick, coarse hair.  It was strong enough to make the strands stay in place but just light enough so that I didn't feel the weight of the product.  

I'm not going to lie (since this is my review and all).  In the past I haven't cared for Dove hair products.  I use their deodorant and their soaps but because of the texture of my hair I have never found a product that I have loved.  It has always left my hair feeling a little bit oily but for girls with thinner hair, I heard great things.  

This product, however, helped my heart hair sing a new tune. 
 I couldn't wait to try it and did so before the impulsive hair chopping of 2012.  So with my long hair hanging on my shoulders I lathered that 'for damaged hair' conditioner right on top and waited 3 minutes before rinsing.  When I finally did, I could feel the softness even as I could tell that the product was washing out of my hair.  And did I mention that it smells delicious?  It was so light and airy that I felt like I was washing cloud juice over my head.  Or something like that.

I knew that the real test would be during the next 46802 minutes I would spend drying this vicious beast known as my mane.  But even then, I could run my fingers through my hair with ease.  After it was dry and I began to straighten [I know, I know..damage!], I didn't notice any oily feeling.  
Nope, not even a little bit of over-conditioned or grease feel to my wildly out of control hair!

It was a total miracle.
And then I did what every impulsive and thrill seeking woman does on a random morning in the middle of her week...
I cut it all off.  
Well, I had someone else do it for me but you get it.

And even now, as my short hair spikes perfectly on top of my head and has unleashed my inner rock star, I credit it's perfect-ness to my new Dove conditioner.  
Seriously.  I'm not getting paid to say that.
I really do adore it.  And I really will be buying more of it.

You may find it somewhere else, but for me (Lady Gaga Ramee)...
It's all the glory that I bear.
In my hair.  My hair.  My hair.  My hair.

Do you use any Dove products?  If so please visit the link below, enter your info and tell us which one!  
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nancy john said...

I like Strong hair because it is the part of beauty

Kristi said...

I have no experience with Dove but I gotta tell ya -- you are gorgeous! Love your new 'do!