Sunday, September 30, 2012

sick girl.

Mabel's sick.  She's been sick for the past two days and I haven't had even a chance to write about it.  All I know is that it has been exhausting and terrifying.  Frustrating and sad.  

We have avoided the hospital and I'm really thankful for that and also really proud of myself for pumping those fluids and keeping her well enough to be here.  But I wish I had more hands, more sleep, more time with the other kids.  Just more.

I plan to write more tonight when she's in bed.  I did end up getting to go to the cookout last night with Nora and Braden and ride the hay rack with them.  Mabel screamed the entire time for my mom and the night wasn't exactly daisies and rainbows.  
More on that to come.

Happy Sunday, friends.  I'm enjoying church in my orange kitchen.

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Jessica Kramasz said...

I'm sorry to hear she is sick. I will be praying.